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by Emily on June 26, 2020

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With the growing popularity of the LINE app across Asia, every brand on the continent should make LINE Advertising a part of their marketing strategy to increase their sales and brand visibility. 

LINE was an immediate hit since its launch in 2011, particularly in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand. But users in other countries around the world are starting to sit up and take notice. LINE is a social media platform that offers image and text messaging, as well as features including VoIP calling, video and audio sharing, and video conferencing in a simple and easy-to-navigate user interface. 

In 2014, this Japan-based app announced the launch of LINE Advertising. This advertising platform offers three types of ads, app, video, and web ads. Apps ads are designed to offer promotion of a brand’s app download that refers users to a brand’s products and services. Video ads offer a platform to increase brand awareness and offer informational videos. Web ads are used to guide users to the brand’s own website where they can display their products and services. 

Using LINE Advertising Effectively

LINE can categorise their users by age, gender, interests, and region. This can provide advertisers with helpful hints as to the best type of LINE ads to use for their target audiences. LINE can also supply some metrics that can be used to determine the effectiveness of a particular ad, other than the web ads that direct potential customers to another website.  

The metrics provide useful information, including the duration a user spends looking at an app ad or video ad, and the bounce and conversion rates of a particular advertisement. 

By combining these features with their extensive, in-house data, a skilled digital marketing agency can provide clients with information that will make LINE Advertising an effective marketing platform and give them an added sales channel over their competition. 

Harnessing The Popularity of LINE

For brands that are targeting digital markets in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand, including LINE Advertising as part of your digital marketing strategy makes perfect sense. These brands are already creating ads that are focused on social media. Why not give them a broader range of exposure? 

The costs of LINE ads are comparable with other social media platforms. From an overall marketing perspective, it gives the brand’s a way of reaching potential customers that don’t use Facebook or Instagram. LINE ads represent another avenue to pursue in filling any holes in your marketing coverage. It also is another way to get the most out of your creative efforts and costs. 

Ever-Expanding Market Reach

The LINE app also represents an ever-expanding opportunity to reach new markets and customers. LINE is currently mounting marketing efforts across Asia and other countries around the globe. Chile and Spain are two of the countries in the world that are beginning to show a rapidly growing amount of LINE users. 

With the multiple social media features of LINE, their popularity and expansion into new markets is almost inevitable. Why not jump on the bandwagon by advertising with LINE?   

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