5 ways how tech has changed advertising as we know it

Technology has changed the way we live our lives from the scooters we ride to work, to the games we play at home. The world of advertising is no different. Now able to engage their customers in a variety of new ways, companies are scrambling to learn the benefits that forefront technology can bring to their business.

Location Specific and Delivered in Real-Time

By communicating with your customers when they’re out and about, companies can engage with their customers at the perfect time: when they’re around the corner.

According to research, 31 percent of 25-34-year-olds would make a spontaneous or unplanned purchase if promotions were targeted by location.

One of the ways you might find this working is by a discount code zapping straight to your phone when you walk past your favourite food chain. Who could resist?

Interact with adverts

Advertisers are always searching for new ways to interact with their customers. Now that we live in a world saturated with touchscreen technology, businesses can easily create adverts that invite the consumer to interact with them.

Common examples of this are used in mobile-gaming adverts, where the user can play a short snippet of the game before being enticed to download it. However, interactivity can be used successfully in any market.

For example, Honda created an interactive video that the audience can alter by pressing a button. When the consumer presses the ‘R’ key, the video switches between two parallel versions that give you a different perspective on the driver (and his car). The form of interaction is simple, but the effect is highly engaging.

Viral Marketing

Hashtags can be employed to create a conversation for consumers to share. Afterall, it’s well established that word of mouth is the best form of publicity.

Once your hashtag is streaming down Twitter, you’ve got yourself a self-perpetuating ad campaign and your viral marketing is complete.

‘The Dark Knight’ (2008) used hashtags, social media and other ingenious methods in one of the most memorable and immersive ad-campaigns of all time.

Reach Consumers Everywhere

Adverts can reach you on music platforms, in apps, while browsing the internet, on social media and just about everywhere else in the digital landscape.

Whether your audience consists of commuters, Japanese food lovers or office managers, there will be an optimal digital space for your advert to be placed.

Be sure to learn which platforms are available and more importantly which your target audience uses, so you can create an advert perfectly designed for that space.

5-Star Ratings Boost Exposure

Many businesses profit from adding their services to comparison websites. These sites allow consumers to easily sift through a range of businesses that provide the service they need.

The company with a 5-star rating and a shining review is far more likely to pick up custom organically. By asking for customer feedback in follow-up emails or at the point of purchase, your business can climb the ranks of comparison websites.

Beyond the star-rating systems, people also read reviews. By encouraging your satisfied customers to talk about their experience online, then potential customers will be all the more assured that your service is going to be exactly what they need.

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