New Power Bank Promises to Charge your Laptop

Are you going abroad to attend the meeting? Need to do work at the airport to compile your PowerPoint slides? Worried that how you will charge your laptop ? No need to worry as the Zendure Supertank charges a MacBook Pro at full speed. It is one the reliable power bank that you can keep with you for traveling. You can charge your power bank in multiple countries by using the universal style power adapter.

Features to Look on:

Some of the salient features that make the power bank reliable and comfortable in use are;


The power charger is a compact and durable device that you can easily place in your laptop bag or handbag. The firm structure allows it to stand in a vertical position or horizontally. The wide end that has four USB ports and in the center is an LED display. The digital display keeps you alert about battery usage, if your power bank is draining down, you will get a notification through the display so that you can bring it back to full charge.


The 27,ooo mAh charger has two ports. These are dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) & dual USB-A ports. These are quick charge ports that have the ability to charge your MacBook and other compatible devices within a few minutes

Structure and system

There are presently eight power cells that provide five times faster charging as compared to ordinary lithium-ion cells. Along with power charger, there are nine different protecting elements that keep your devices safe to prevent any hazards. These protective layers provide protection against;

  • High temperature,
  • Over-discharge
  • Overcharge
  • Output overcurrent
  • Short circuit
  • Input overvoltage
  • Input overcurrent
  • MCU reset.

Temperature protection sensors

Along with temperature protection, another sensor is present that helps in monitoring the device. If there is any unusual change in temperature the device switches off automatically thus preventing your devices from being damaged.

Charging Speed

One of the best features that make this power charger the best traveler charger for a Macbook is how quickly it charges your laptop. The power bank works on the special Zen+ charging technology that provides an intelligent way of high-speed charging.. The single port power bank has the ability to pack 100 W. It can easily charge a 15inch MacBook Pro  in just1.5 hours.If your battery is at 0%, no worried, just connect your power bank to your laptop and without using it, will be fully charged in 1.5 hrs. Another benefit is that when you use the power source your laptop battery life will also double.

Charge Four Devices At One Time

Another incredible feature of the power bank is that you can charge four compatible devices at one time. There are two PD enabled USB C port, and two USB A ports. You can charge a laptop, camera, cell phone or tablet, the charger is an ultimate solution. There are also features to charge devices like LED lights, projectors and security cameras.

You can charge your colleagues laptop and cell phones. It has the ability to charge two laptops and two mobiles simultaneously.

Led Light Present To Confirm Charging

On the power bank, there are LED indicators that show you when  your device has been charged. There is no fear of overcharging your laptop or mobile device.

One week usage

The power bank is very reliable, it has the ability to remain charged for a week. You could charge your laptop device multiple times.  One-week usage that means the power reserved for the power bank will last you up to one week.

Air travel safe

You can safely use the power bank during air travel. It is TSA/EASA approved .

An Excellent Solution For Low Power Devices

Are you going on an international tour but your smartwatch is not charged? No need to worry, thanks to power charger technology which allows you to charge low power devices like a smartwatch, fitness band, Bluetooth earphones and much more. You just have to simply change settings

The power bank is one of the best charging devices for travelers, you will never run out of power again.

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