7 Ways You Can Know That Your Mac Is Virus Infected

A few years back it was strictly believed that Macs are completely protected from any type of infections. It was considered that it is only the Windows PC that can be compromised. But, in the present context, it is no more right, as Mac is no more 100% safer from malware infections. Yes, Macs can be less vulnerable as compared to Windows PC, but still, they can be infected. Similarly, like Windows system a click on malicious link sent with in an email can infect your Mac.

But above all the most important thing is how you can identify that your Mac is infected by a virus. Therefore, in this article, we will be going to discuss various ways that will alert you when your Mac has infections.

How to Identify that Your Mac is Infected by a Virus:

Most of the Mac users still feel that the inbuilt malware protection offered by their Mac is enough to shield their system against viruses. But that’s not true, as reports state that last year there is more than 200% increase in Mac malware. The OSX/Dok malware, OSX/Pirrit, OSX/MaMi are some of the well-known threats and malware that infiltrated Mac in the past few years.

Now, talking about how to detect that a Mac is infected, there are several signs your Mac will give in case it is attacked by a virus. Few of them we are going to discuss in our article.

Drastic Slow Down of Mac:

If your Mac is getting slow without any reason, then it may be a sign of infected Mac. If you have many processes or applications running in the background, then the slowness of Mac can be admissible. But if it is not the case then it is due to the viruses that unnecessarily run some unknown process to suck the memory and resources. 

Crashing of Applications:

Are your commonly used applications suddenly starts crashing or become irresponsive, then this may be due to a virus. However, it may also be due to an update that you have missed for an app. If this is the case, then immediately update your app to the latest. If, the problem persists then get in touch with the publisher of the app and try to find that if the problem exists from their end. If everything is correct at publisher’s end, then you need to check your PC with an antimalware software for mac.

Sudden Occurrence of Multiple Pop-ups and Advertisements:

You are simply using your Mac as before and suddenly a pop-up appears notifying the infections on your system, and even too when you haven’t opened any browser. Then it is a clear-cut sign that your Mac is infected with an adware. Adware generally enters into your system when you accidentally click a malicious link. Although, most of the adware are not dangerous but the number of ads they prompt on the screen create a nuisance to the user.

Icons of Programs that you Never Installed:

You are not the one that does not install a lot of programs or applications on his system, still, you find lot many applications installed that too you have never heard about. Then it an alarming bell for you. Possibly, it may be due to a malware or virus that entered on your PC and installing the fake apps on your Mac.

Automatic Installation of Unknown Toolbars and Extensions in Browser:

The browser is the medium that helps to connect a system from the amazing world of web. But if your browser itself infected by malware. Yes, it’s one of the most common problem that is being faced not only by the Window but Mac users as well. Change in the homepage of the browser, installation of unnecessary add-ons and toolbars, sudden crashing of webpages are some of the common symptoms that your browser is being hijacked.

Bogus Emails Sent from Your Email Address:

A family member or friend reports you that he is receiving spam from your email address. Or someone reports that he has received a phony email from you then it might be possible that the virus has taken control of your email account as well. At that very moment start a deep scan of your antimalware software and cleans all the detected infections. Also, change the password for your email accounts along with all your social networking accounts.

Anti-Virus Program is Disabled:

The prime task of an anti-virus program is to detect and clean all type of infection that exists on your Mac. But, what if that anti-virus is itself disabled by a virus. Yes, there are some virus that tries to disable the anti-virus software so that it can take complete control of your Mac. Also, it is mainly caused when you are not regularly updating your anti-virus with the latest definitions.

So, readers hope from now onwards you can easily identify whether your Mac is infected by a virus or not. This will help you act accordingly and protect your Mac from any further threats.

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  1. Hi emily,

    Nice bit of information. Even though I use Windows Computer still it is always nice to have some extra information.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. I have all my Apple products infected, and I can’t get rid of it. Imac, MacBook, Ipad and Iphone. Guess who is switching to PC and android 🙂


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