6 Best Free PC Optimizers for You

What Is PC Optimizer

PC optimizer is an assistant that will help you improve the computer performance. In other words, it will enable your computer to run and respond more quickly. If you want to execute a task, the computer will function immediately after optimization. 

Generally speaking, PC optimizer can scan the hard drive for removing unwanted data in order to free up storage space. In addition, it can also back up important files for data protection. In a word, a free PC optimizer can boost computer performance and reduce startup time. 

In the following of this post, I will introduce some excellent and free PC optimizer to make your Windows computer run fast. Just have a look and then choose one. 

Here Are 6 Free PC Optimizers

1. MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a technical partition manager aiming at help you realize better disk and partition management. It is practical and reliable. The main interface is concise and well-organized, with features for disk and partition divided respectively.

It’s easy to operate. You can choose needed features from the left action panel, top main interface and pop-up menu. Besides local hard drive, external storage devices (like external hard drive, SD card or USB flash drive) are supported by this partition manager. 

With this software, you can do multiple magic operations to manage our computer and improve computer performance. What can it do for you? They are some main features: 

Extend partition to get more storage space for the target partition

Migrate OS to other disk drive

Scan hard drive for bad sectors

Clean up disk completely Recover lost data for partition

Analyze disk space usage

Defrag hard drive 

Fix common computer errors 


2. ITL Windows Optimizer

ITL Windows Optimizer is an outstanding free PC optimizer. It is a multifunctional tool for computer management and protection. It will enable you to clean computer and make it run smoothly. With so many positive feedbacks and reviews, it enjoys great popularity among users. 

You can achieve these operations with this tool.

Recover disk space

Improve system running speed

Recover data from disk

Protect web privacy and security

Clear junk files to free up disk space


3. AVG PC TuneUp

AVG PC TuneUp is an excellent PC optimizer, especially good at antivirus. It provides many features to enable you to clean up junk files (including temp files, duplicate files, Registries, etc.).   

The most remarkable feature is Sleep Mode, which makes it unique. It will be very useful when you running multiple programs in the background bringing a lot of inconvenience but you still need to keep them running. 

This mode helps you improve computer performance since you can remain these programs under sleep and not taking any system resources. It only supports Windows system.

What can you do with AVG PC TuneUp? Please take a view.

Defrag hard drive and you can access it quickly

Improve booting and running speed

Uninstall junk files and duplicate files to release disk space

Update programs timely 

Find out the program slowing down the startup  

Prevent unused programs from consuming power

Enable laptops to use economy mode

Remove the hidden files of your browser


4. Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic is a free PC optimizer offering you fast optimizing speed. In addition, it will provide you with a personalized report that includes the detailed problems and corresponding solutions of your computer. 

Like the previous optimization tool, it only supports Windows OS. Here are the main features of this software.

Accelerate the startup, CPU, Internet and hard drive. 

Find out the programs running without your permission and decelerate launching process. 

Solve PC problems up to 30, 000

Enable you to fix problem up to 30,000

Scan and remove multiple types of junk files.

Wipe private data for data leakage.

Mend invalid registry.

Recover deleted or lost files

Tip: If you want to utilize all of its features, you need to upgrade it to the Pro edition.

5. IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is a wonderful PC optimizer with Free Edition and Pro Edition. The well-designed interface is clean and concise. It can only run on Windows operating system.

The Free Edition of IObit Advanced SystemCare only allows you to operate some basic work, while the Pro Edition has been released with more features, like real-time optimization, privacy protection, Internet speed accelerating and Registry deep cleaning.

You can fulfill these operations with this PC optimization tool.

Scan and fix hard drive errors

Clean useless files and folders automatically to release more disk space

Manage and sort out Registry

6. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a PC optimizer that can scan and optimize computer effectively. The stability and functionality of your computer will get greatly improved by using this tool. One-click feature allows you to fix multiple computer issues in a time.

Like many other optimizers, it just supports Windows system. You can use it easily with simple-designed interface. The comprehensive toolkit enables you to optimize and clean your computer thoroughly.

The powerful toolkit can help you clean and optimize your computer effectively. With it, you are able to tune your computer and keep it working as you want. Meanwhile, it can scan PC as well as providing solutions to the scanned errors. 

Here is a general feature display of this free PC optimizer.

Improve performance of your computer 

Maintain and analyze system for further optimizer

Speed up the startup time

Recover deleted files with Un-delete tools

Back up data in case of unexpected accidents

Encrypt and split files

Final Words

6 free PC optimizers have been demonstrated in this post. After reading, you can choose a preferred one to start your computer optimization. I believe you will get a satisfied user’s experience after trying.

You are welcome to share with us if you have any ideas or suggestions about PC optimizers by leaving them in the sections below. 

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