Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing in a System How To Fix? 

Realtek HD Audio Manager reaches with Realtek’s High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver on nearly every Windows computer. It sometimes accomplishes open/function suitably for some absurd and obscure reason. The worse part is that the Audio Manager goes missing, mainly behind a Windows update or any malware provoking the issues. 

Along with the Realtek HD Audio Manager, these audio devices such as headphones, speakers, and microphones are effortlessly detected, configured, and managed by your PC. The Realtek HD Audio Manager acquires installment alongside the driver and rests in your PC’s system tray, taskbar, or known notification panel.

 If somehow you can’t locate the Audio Manager, or it goes missing, there are mainly two methods to resolve the issue. 


In earlier versions of the Windows OS (Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1), the Realtek HD Audio Manager functions adequately. The sound issues with the recent Windows 10 figure 1903 have evolved more unchecked than ever. You may also get an error message ‘Audio services not responding’ in Windows which states an emergency problem or issue with your system’s sound.

The Realtek HD Audio Driver brags reinforcements for various additional devices like Dolby audio, Surround Sound, six-channel Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), Dolby’s Digital Theater Systems (DTS), and several others to facilitate your PC’s audio enactment up a notch. 

In the hunt for the resolution, we realized that several Windows 10 users are alike through the exact dilemma. While digging more in-depth, it turns out that the most delinquent version (v2.82) of the Realtek HD Audio Driver is somewhat buggy on the Windows 10 forum. That compels HD Audio Manager to get concealed from the taskbar. Over some PC, it doesn’t even establish/open the HD Audio Manager at all. 

The scheme to solve the missing Realtek HD Audio Manager stands to uninstall the latest version (v 2.82). After that, you might have two alternatives which are : 

1.) reinstall a descending version or 

2.) the latest version by conveying it from Realtek’s website.

Here are the measures to implicate : 

Uninstall The Buggy Realtek HD Audio Driver From Your System 

The initial stage is to uninstall the audio driver along with the buggy audio manager from the system. 

Step 1: Tap the Windows key + X shortcut to establish the Immediate/Quick Access Menu present at the bottom-left intersection of the display screen. 

Step 2: Tap the Device Manager over the Quick Access Menu. 

Step 3: On the Device Manager menu, boost the Sound, video, and game regulators areas. 

Step 4: Therefore, Right-click on the Realtek High Definition Audio and select Uninstall. 

Step 5: Review the ‘Delete the driver for this (particular) software’ option and thus tap the Ok button to proceed with the installation.

Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Driver On The Device. 

The following act is to install the bug-free version (v2.81) of the Realtek HD Audio Driver that comes into play with a functional Audio Manager. Thus, this version is not prolonged functional on Realtek’s authorized website, but somehow we were able to download the setup from Filehippo, an entrusted website for software downloads. 

Download the setup and follow the steps beneath to get it running over your system. 

Step 1: Right-click on the downloaded setup of the application and choose the option of Run as administrator. 

Step 2: Follow the installation drives and restart your computer system after installing the Realtek HD Audio Driver. The subsequent forte to do now is to put the Realtek HD Audio Manager in location eyesight on your PC so that it doesn’t ever go neglected likewise. 

Step 3: Pitch your File Explorer and navigate to this zone — C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA. Then, tap the Enter switch on your keyboard. This will instantly unlock the folder where the Realtek HD Audio Manager app is discovered in your File Explorer. Alternatively, you can push the Windows + R keys to undertake the RUN window and paste this particular location — C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA. 

Step 4: Single Right-click on RAVCpl64, tap Send to and prefer Desktop (initiate shortcut for it). Note: That will assemble a shortcut for the Realtek HD Audio Manager right on your Desktop. 

Step 5: Go to your Desktop, right-click on the RAVCpl64 shortcut and tap the Plug to taskbar option for more convenience.

 After this is accomplished, the Realtek HD Audio Manager will be tacked to your taskbar. Also, it will occur on your system tray and notification site as well. 

And that’s it. The Realtek HD Audio Manager is successfully back on your PC. You can thus launch the application from the taskbar system tray with just a single mouse click. 

In any case, if you want to try reinstalling the latest Realtek HD Audio drivers (v2.82), then you can furthermore grab a copy from Realtek’s website instantly. 

Downloading of Realtek HD Audio Drivers For Your Computer System

 We approvingly suggest you inspect your computer’s motherboard engineer’s site for the belatedly audio drivers for your motherboard’s prototype. This exact same specialty involves laptop models as well. 


Now that you include reformed Realtek HD Audio Manager on your PC, you can regulate your PC’s sound results and the variety of your audio devices. You can even use the app to configure your system’s microphone and utilize exceptional tools like Noise Suppression, Speaker Fill, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, and many more things to explore.

Guest article written by: Muskaan Maheshwari

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