How Mobile Banking Apps Have Changed the Way We Live

September 4, 2019

The impact of technology is being felt in almost every corner. Different inventions keep coming up each day. You will come across new devices and software that simplify how we do things in different ways. A good example is the tracking software which helps you to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. […]

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6 Ways Banking Industry Can Cater Better Service to Millennial Customers

May 18, 2019

Technological innovations make things easier for people and new innovations keep replacing the old as well. Telephony has been used for decades by various types of businesses to offer service to the customers. However, telephony itself has evolved a lot. The traditional wired telephony has been largely replaced by mobile telephony and VoIP solutions- in […]

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How the internet has improved the world of personal banking

August 28, 2018

The internet is something from which almost everyone benefits. Whether it’s ordering the weekly groceries through a tablet computer or simply downloading your favourite music or media to enjoy when on the go, there are plenty of ways that this revolutionary medium has changed everyone’s lives. One way that it changed people’s financial habits, meanwhile, […]

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7 things your bank is going to ask when you need a business loan

February 9, 2018

Have you got a new business idea? You are going to need some investment to start it off. Applying for a bank loan can be an excellent method to get that investment in a short time. But of course, the bank is not just going to hand you the money. They are going to inquire […]

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The Evolution of Banking Trojans

September 7, 2017

Present-day criminals needn’t hack high-end bank vaults or engage in credit card skimming to steal money. While undoubtedly benign and useful on the whole, the rapid rise of advanced IT solutions over past few years has got a flip side – it allows threat actors to take their tactics a notch further. In domains where […]

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The Affordable DIY on Identify Theft

August 25, 2012

Identity theft is a natural outgrowth of the technological advancements society has made. Just as sure as people are able to manage their finances and make their purchases in ways completely unthinkable in the 1960s and 1970s, so too have the ways in which criminals have sought to steal from the public. Now, there are […]

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How Factoring and PO Finance Can Eliminate the Need for Bank Loans

August 3, 2012

Bank loans can serve a valuable purpose in the creation of a new company by helping bridge financial gaps. However, bank loans carry a high risk. The company puts up its very assets and ability to stay in operation as collateral. If a company defaults on a bank loan payment, it can possibly be shut […]

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How to make the most of your desktop computer

March 28, 2011

These days having a personal computer at home isn’t unusual, but when it comes to managing our desktop PCs are we really making the most of them. With so many options and uses for our desktop computers there really is no excuse just to use your PC for work only. For one thing, desktop computers […]

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