Eliminate Passwords – Secure Your Network, Delight Your Customers

Passwords are knowledge-based authentication credentials that require users to create and memorize complex combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. For decades, people have been using passwords to authenticate into their accounts and secure their devices.  Aside from creating a complex password, many digital platforms also require users to change their passwords frequently and recommend not … Read more →

Are Password Managers Worth Spending Money On?

We’ve all heard about password managers, but, like with any other product, we find ourselves asking the question, “is it worth spending the money on?” The short answer is yes, but it will come down to personal preference. In this guide, my goal is to show you why we all should be using a password … Read more →

How You Can Keep Your Company’s Documents Secure and Increase Customer Trust

Helping your customers to feel secure working with you can be one of the most difficult problems you can face as a business. If most of your clients deal with you online, then this can be especially true as information is traded and stolen more easily. Customers like to feel as though they are working … Read more →

Password Manager User guide for Windows

As the IT revolution is getting advanced technology, the corporate setups are also growing in virtual, cloud as well as physical platforms. Every organization has numerous sensitive applications working. At the same time, cyber-attacks are also increasing. They try to enter IT resources by compromising login information, specially passwords. That is why the organizations require … Read more →

5 Keys to Memorable Passwords that are Also Secure

Nearly every website you log into, whether it is social media or a banking site, or even the places you most frequently shop online requires a password. Sometimes, those passwords can be simple, but often they are complex and have specific requirements about their length and the kind of characters that must be included. The … Read more →

How to bypass Windows Login Password

Using a strong and secure password is always recommended by computer experts so that it can prevent hackers from accessing your PC without your authorization. But using long and tough passwords can be really very challenging sometimes because you may forget them once in a while. Once you forget the password of your own computer … Read more →

How to Come Up with a Strong Password?

The importance of having a strong password is something that nobody can deny, but what does that really mean? Well, many people are almost superstitious or simply lazy, believing that the date of their birth or the name of their childhood imaginary friend will keep them safe. Others hope that the Internet swindlers and criminals … Read more →

7 Tips to Boost Your Digital Security

The digital age has revolutionized our lives, but now that our homes are stuffed with internet-connected devices, the risk of compromising your online security is far greater. Just how safe are you—and how can you minimize your vulnerability when shopping online, paying your bills, or even checking your e-mail? Here are seven tips to improve … Read more →

Top 5 Free Software To Recover Your Lost Password Of Your Zip Files

Zipping is a very common thing in computer practice as it allows user to compress the larger files to make it more memory efficient. Every email system has some restrictions when it comes to sending large size files. So, it becomes necessary there to compress the size of the files to make it eligible to … Read more →

Information Security in the Era of Google Wallet

Make sure your phone is secure, not a liability! About a decade ago, Microsoft let everyone know that the future of payment was using their phones and devices enabled with Bluetooth. While that never really happened, Google’s push for mobile payment seems to be much timelier and actually gaining traction. With popular phones using Google’s … Read more →

The Affordable DIY on Identify Theft

Identity theft is a natural outgrowth of the technological advancements society has made. Just as sure as people are able to manage their finances and make their purchases in ways completely unthinkable in the 1960s and 1970s, so too have the ways in which criminals have sought to steal from the public. Now, there are … Read more →

Startling LinkedIn Security Issues: How to Protect Your Business

Mega professional social networking website LinkedIn is losing face due to a mass security breach that left 6.5 million user passwords splashed all over the Internet. After a Russian forum user claimed that he hacked LinkedIn and leaked passwords online, Twitter users confirmed that they discovered their encoded LinkedIn passwords online. This breach in security … Read more →