Mobile Phone Theft – A 21st Century Crimewave?

Essex-based insurance company loveit coverit have produced unique data looking into smartphone crime. The data offers a unique insight into the frequency of smartphone thefts and the most densely targeted locations, based on the number of claims that are made each year.  75% of thefts are iPhones 5% of all phone insurance claims are for … Read more →

What to do in case lost or stolen phone?

Nowadays a typical person has at least one smartphone device. Some people buy two or even three devices, some collectors might have even a hundred or more devices. Modern phone called smartphone has become a standard in recent times. Younger people cannot imagine a life without their Samsungs, iPhones etc. What makes those devices so … Read more →

Online Presence and Security: 3 Ways to Help Protect Your Identity from Online Theft

If you have any kind of online presence at all, including just connecting to the internet, you are at risk of online theft. The most common identity thefts come in the form of username or password hacking, banking information theft, and theft of credit card numbers. In many cases people have their entire identities stolen … Read more →

Top 10 Tips To Protect Your Home Delivery Packages

You’ve been waiting restlessly for the arrival of your package that you ordered online. The excitement shows on your face wherever you go. But what if this highly important package doesn’t reach you? Your fear is justified. Because as it turns out, your package vanished right from your doorstep, under your very nose, and you … Read more →

The Affordable DIY on Identify Theft

Identity theft is a natural outgrowth of the technological advancements society has made. Just as sure as people are able to manage their finances and make their purchases in ways completely unthinkable in the 1960s and 1970s, so too have the ways in which criminals have sought to steal from the public. Now, there are … Read more →

Orbicule’s Undercover Mac Theft Recovery System – Reinstall Necessary On Snow Leopard

Ever since I had my good ol’ MacBook stolen from within my flat because somebody forgot to lock the kitchen window, I’ve been using Undercover from Orbicule on all my other Mac’s. The reason is clear: It gives me a better chance of ever recovering my Mac, than if I didn’t have the software installed. … Read more →