What to do in case lost or stolen phone?

Nowadays a typical person has at least one smartphone device. Some people buy two or even three devices, some collectors might have even a hundred or more devices.

Modern phone called smartphone has become a standard in recent times. Younger people cannot imagine a life without their Samsungs, iPhones etc.

What makes those devices so popular?

It all comes to making our lifes easier. Thanks to my smartphone I can stay in touch with my family and friends. I can check recent news or even relax while watching movies or playing games. We use those devices not only in free time, but at work as well. Some models like Note series from Samsung use a stylus, that helps in creating e-mails, writing notes or customizing some pictures.

Other devices might help in sports, or other activites. For example iPhone has a couple of features like a flashlight, spirit level or apps that measure our blood preasure.

As you can see smartphones are a crucial part of our life. However it is just a physical device, which can be stolen, just like a car or a wallet.

What can we do when our beloved device gets stolen? Well there are a couple of things.

First of all if your device gets lost or stolen, you need to contact your network.

They can can help you in finding your device with a GPS, or block the phone number so that nobody can use it. The device will get blacklist, which means it won’t receive any signal even from the original network.

Please remember that if you report your stolen device that is still on warranty, can be replaced by the network, or you will get your money back from the insurance.

Second thing is to contact the Police and give them your IMEI number. IMEI number also known as serial number is a special 15 digit number which can identify your device.

This video show you how to check IMEI numer of any device.

Thanks to this information, the police will be able to track your device, and find the person who stole your device.

Another importat thing to remember is to activated all security apps and features on your device. For example iCloud blockade used by Apple company block your device with a special password. Even if your device gets stolen, the thief won’t be able to use it without your password.

Some companies like Xiaomi go even further. If you install Mi security app, you can not only track or block your device, but you have a special function that you can activate on your PC with a connect Mi account. The new feature makes your stolen smartphone to ring constantly on the loudest available option.

Final thing you can do is to add your IMEI number to the list of stolen IMEI numbers. For example this one Lost or stolen database. After adding your IMEI to such a database, more people can help in the search of your device.

Many repair shops use these lists, and notify the police when they get a device with a reported IMEI number. The thief won’t even know what happened next time he comes to get his device back.

Please take care of your device and activated all security options you can. It doesn’t take long, but makes your life a lot easier. You can trust us we know it from expierience.

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