5 Video Marketing Tips on How to Use Youtube to Promote Your Business

by Emily on May 20, 2020

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Youtube is an amazing platform and a golden opportunity for business owners. Those who use it properly will succeed and those who don’t will not. With it, you can connect to your audience and your clientele in a way you wouldn’t normally. Every post is like a free commercial that they are choosing to watch, making them a far better audience than the audience from an actual commercial. You can keep people updated, engaging and begging for more content.

Let’s go over five different tips to effectively utilize one of the greatest resources the world has seen. Let’s get your company’s Youtube videos in front of people. Let’s make them grabby. Let’s sell your products.

Don’t Forget You’re Running Your Own Show

Don’t think of your YouTube page as a collection of videos you randomly upload. Think of it as a service you’re providing with a schedule people can count on. Maybe you post every Tuesday and Thursday, maybe it’s once a week. It doesn’t matter. Be consistent. Think about your business and the quantity of content it could justify with quality. Some things you could make an episode four days a week four, some maybe it’s once a week. No matter what it is, make sure it’s quality and make sure it’s consistent.

Provide Value

The biggest thing you need to be doing with your content is providing value. Don’t make everything an advertisement or it’ll feel like all your channel is doing is being a sales funnel for you. You don’t want what you’re doing to seem like an ad and the best way you can do that is to provide value. If you’re a graphic design company, do videos where you explain how you did a certain thing. Young graphic designers will tune in, learn, and tell others about it.

Don’t give away the recipe. Just give people enough that they’ll continue to tune in and will subscribe. You still need to be the best at what you do. What you need to do is teach a little and inspire more.

Keep Involved in the Community

This is simple, but incredibly effective. Don’t forget that all of those numbers correspond to people. When you see five-hundred views, that’s because five-hundred human beings decided to watch your content. Respond to your comments.

Your comments are your community asking for you to speak with them. This is customer service and yet so many businesses that don’t understand the value of Youtube will leave them unliked and responded to. If you’re a kid who’s obsessed with speakers and Nike responds to you, you’ll buy Nike for the rest of your life. Treat these conversations like you’re planting seeds, eventually to harvest sales.

Learn How Keywords Affect the Algorithm

Youtube works via an algorithm. This determines what a viewer likes watching and tries to put similar content in front of them to help keep them watching. Use your keywords to tell the algorithm what you’re making and who it should be showing it to.

The algorithm changes frequently so keep up to date with it. Pay attention to your tags and keywords and figure out what works for you. Make sure that you’re not just getting eyes via catchy tags, but rather you’re getting eyes that will actually communicate and are interested in your industry field specifically. An engaged audience of five-hundred is far more valuable than a disengaged random audience of a thousand.

Make Quality Content

This is simple. Make your videos look good. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to have great content these days. There are a million resources. Whether you’re filming on your smartphone or have a camera, you can invest in simple lighting and learn techniques for recording video that will produce quality beyond belief. You can also figure out how much you can earn per view using this YouTube Revenue calculator tool.

No matter what content you’re producing, it needs to look good and sound good to keep people watching. 


The world is changing and the eCommerce landscape will only reward those who learn to adapt to it. Learn how Youtube works, make quality content full of value that looks and sounds good and learn how to get it in front of eyes. There are far too many quality resources to justify not utilizing the incredible opportunity that is Youtube. 

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Eva Smith May 22, 2020 at 14:43

Nice blog post introduced a lot of things by following that we can divert more traffic to our Youtube channel. and now a days youtube has grown so fast that we should definitely target this platform.



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