3 Simple Upgrades to Boost the Lifespan of your Lenovo Machines

While making any kind of new purchase, it is always advisable to be practical and patient about the solution instead of going for an impulsive buy. When it comes to purchasing a new laptop or a desktop, which could easily cost hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars for a good model, everyone wishes to extend the lifespan of their new machine to the maximum.

In case your laptop does go through a rough patch, recovering lost files can be more of a headache than you can imagine. The key secret to maintaining your Lenovo machine to its optimal standard is to constantly keep upgrading as well as repairing the machine. This simple step can ensure that your laptop runs smooth and fast like a stallion for years.
Here are a few simple upgrade tips that can help you boost the optimal lifespan of your Lenovo machine:

1. Pick the right machine

Every Lenovo machine comes equipped with a different set of specifications and parts which are ideal for an individual user. Choosing a machine with parts, which can be easily upgraded or customized; as in the case of a Mac or PC, can help lengthen the life of your machine.

* The foremost important decision you can make is to pick a computer which is equipped with the best CPU or processor which you can afford. This decision can play a huge role in the lifespan of your machine in the long run. Whether or not you consider yourself a heavy gamer or not, an average computer user can also overload their machine with heavy demands such as live streaming, HD videos, multi-tasking activities, and much more.

* The hard drive of the computer is where all your enormous files get saved; and the more HD files we are subscribing to, the more space we potentially need to save these files for the future. Upgrading your hard drive can be quite a task, even for a seasoned user. It is best to opt for a computer with a huge hard drive space (1TB or more) so that your overfilled hard drives do not lead to a slower computer in the future.

* Solid state drives can be chosen later on- if required, so it is best not to sweat it and invest in an overly expensive SSD during the initial purchase.

* Having a reasonably large RAM can ensure that your computer runs smoothly for your everyday activities, which include multitasking and streaming. However, it is not necessary to go all out on a large RAM initially, as they are relatively cheap and easy to upgrade.

* Keep in mind that it is easier to open up a desktop and fit in all new parts; making the machine brand new again, than doing the same with a laptop.

2. Maintain your machine

Maintaining your computer regularly can ensure that it runs smoothly even after heavy operation. Usually, computers start to slow down because of overuse and clutter. However, a few easy maintenance tips can really help.

* Keep your computer clean (internally and externally). This includes deleting useless or unnecessary files, de-cluttering your desktop, deleting cache files, and also, keeping the computer clean externally. As dust and debris settles on the machine, it can get harder for the machine to breathe, and thus, to cool down.

* Allow your laptop to get completely discharged once in a while, before you allow it to completely charge again. This will keep the batter fresh and avoid over depletion.

* OS updates might be advertised to be the best thing to happen to your computer, however, this is not always the case. There are many updates which come with bugs which might make certain programs misbehave. However, average users might think this means it is time for a new machine. It is important to be wary of OS updates.

* Hardware and program updates on the other hand, are always great for your machine, and must be done regularly for a smooth operating machine.

* Schedule periodic disk checks to ensure everything is running smoothly under the hood. Scanning for errors will bring out any portions which need to be attended to at the earliest and might cause you any inconvenience in the future.

* If you are still facing an issue with your entire system, there is one radical step you can take. Backup all of your files, and wipe the disk out clean. This refresh and reboot might set your machine back to its original shape and allow you to use a fairly new, smooth and fresh machine once again.

3. Upgrade your machine

If you have already done all of the above recommended advice, the last step you can take is to upgrade the RAM of your machine. If not, you can always add in an extra card and double, triple or even quadruple the size of your RAM for a smoother running machine.

So, those were the three simple upgrades you can consider to enhance the durability of your Lenovo machines. When you go with the best service providers like HP Enterprise, you are sure to get the best performance for your business.

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