Reasons Why B2B Company Should Start Blogging Today

Today’s B2B buyers are more inquisitive and search through multiple pieces of content online before making any purchase decision. That is why, content is the reigning king in B2B marketing and blogging is its most effective tool. Blogging is not only helping B2B companies in lead generation but also building loyalty among the existing ones. Blogging enables the B2B companies to showcase their knowledge, become a thought leader and increase brand awareness.

A well-constructed blogging strategy can help the B2B companies target these inquisitive and information-hungry B2B buyers and reap massive traffic, leads, conversions, and sales by catering to their needs. Not just that, there are several other reasons that are compelling the B2B companies to blog about their products, services, industry, and business. Here are the top reasons why B2B Company should start blogging today.

Because B2B Blogs Can Provide Inbound Links To Products

Businesses using the blogging means can include in-links to their products or service pages to get more traffic. Strategically placed hyperlinked texts can redirect the readers to the product landing page. Separate calls-to-action at the bottom of the blog post, blog subscription CTA, and in line CTAs asking for subscription, linking to products or offering more information about the topic have also been proved great in increasing conversions and diverting more traffic to product or service pages.

Because Blogging Opens Doors To Thought Leadership

More than 43% content marketers consider though leadership as their top goal from content marketing. Blogging enables the B2B Company to prove its knowledge about the product, service or industry to its potential customers. By providing rich, informative, and well-researched content to the audience, businesses can open doors to becoming a thought leader. The businesses can also provide information about current trends, blog about interviews with industry leaders, offer insights on latest innovation or new product launched to show their expertise.

Because Blogs Can Be Repurposed  For Further Marketing

Engaging the users whose attention span has shortened than that of a goldfish is not a simple task. B2B marketers have to create different types of content like video content, white papers, webinars, infographics etc., to keep the distracted B2B buyers engaged. Blogging can be the first step for the B2B marketers to develop all other types of content through repurposing. No extra efforts are required in finding new topics or doing research about them when you are repurposing the blogs for further marketing.

Because Blogging Improves Search Engine Ranking

Getting higher ranking on search engines is the main goal of many B2B marketers. After all, higher the search engine ranking, greater the visibility. Blogging is proven an effective means of improving SERP rankings. Through blogging, businesses can incorporate different keywords in their content to rank for them. In fact, search engine bots also scan for rich, lengthy and high-quality content in their ranking algorithms. There are many benefits of blogging in SEO like more indexed pages, more backlinks, enhanced internal linking, and frequent fresh content curation that can help the business rank higher.

Because Numbers Do Not Lie:

B2B Companies That Blog Generate 67% More Leads

Blogging has turned out to be a more efficient and cost-effective means of lead generation as compared to the traditional methods. As per a HubSpot study, B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than others that do not blog at all.

47% B2B Buyers Read 3-5 Blogs Before Making Any Decision

The B2B buyers have become more inquisitive about products or services before making any purchase decision. More than 47% B2B buyers get information about the products by reading 3-5 blogs about them.

76% B2B Marketers Are Already Leveraging The Power Of Blogging

According to a report by Content Marketing Institute, 76% B2B marketers use blogging in their content marketing strategy to engage the B2B buyers. The inbound links, engagement, information sharing, and product promotion lure the B2B marketers to create more blogs.

75% B2B Marketers Are Using Blog In Social Media Marketing

Around 75% B2B marketers are using blogs in the social media strategy. So, almost three fourth of your competition is already using blogging in their social media strategy. To get more engagement on social media, start blogging now.

B2B Companies Blogging 11+ Blogs Per Months Gained 3x More Traffic

As per a HubSpot report, B2B companies that blog more than 11 times in a month attract 3 times more traffic than companies that post only one blog per month or even less. To gain more traffic to the B2B site, companies should start focusing on publishing more blogs every month.

Reading the aforementioned reasons, one thing has become certain that blogging is important for every B2B company to scale and get more leads without spending extra bucks. While curating content for B2B blogs keep the quality high and content rich with information to offer value to your B2B buyers. Focus on educating the B2B buyers with information about your product or industry to keep them returning for more insights.

Guest article written by: Ankit Gupta heads and manages the content team at, a leading B2B portal in India. Owing to his passion for his profession and his interest towards the B2B industry, Ankit keeps a close tab on the latest trends in content marketing for B2B companies. You can read other insightful blogs on B2B and content marketing on his LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter handles

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