What to Expect from Mozilla Firefox for Smartphones

firefox-osMany mobile users know that Operating System market leaders, Android and iOS, hold a very large lead over any competitors. However, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs has revealed a plan to release a line of smartphones that will run on the Firefox Operating System. These smartphones are scheduled to be released in South American and European countries in June 2013. The initial goal of the Firefox smartphone is to build a community in emerging cellular markets using low-cost devices where Firefox is already strong. Mozilla realizes that Apple and Google have a strong grip on the cellular market in developed countries, but hope to release low-cost Firefox OS powered smartphones in the US in 2014.

This innovative Firefox OS software is based on open Web standards and can operate on devices with lower hardware requirements than typical smartphones. Mozilla is hoping to attract potential software developers also. Firefox OS is open-source and Web-based, third-party developers will be able to sell their applications without the need to share profits with Google and Apple. Unlike Google and Apple’s operating systems, Firefox OS uses the HTML5 standard that Web services are built from. Essentially, this means that any Web programmer can easily create applications for the Firefox OS. Additionally, because Firefox OS is created using open Web standards, it allows for a highly customizable smartphone experience to offer their customers. This customization can easily be tailored, relevant and localized for various different markets.

The world is taking a more mobile stance when it comes to its computing experiences. When it comes to that mobile environment, many people are either on a platform developed by Google or by Apple. Essentially, there are some users who are looking for a more mobile, Web-based platform. Mozilla promises for the Firefox OS smartphones to be neutral and Web-based. Firefox OS will allow far more advanced and sophisticated search capabilities allowing users to search both within apps and on the Web at the same time.

Application developers will be able to distribute their app through the Firefox Marketplace, their own website, and/or any other shop through Mozilla’s open application store technology. Apps created and powered by the open Web system will allow developers to have direct relationships with their customers and generate creative feedback.

Firefox Marketplace will offer apps in categories like games, news, video, media, business and social networking. These apps are then tied to users and their online identity to take and use across a variety of devices and platforms. Market leading mobile apps and Web developers from around the world will influence the power of the Web-based operating system to release apps in the Firefox Marketplace. The Web allows for practically limitless innovation and imagination with Firefox Marketplace. Any Web developer can easily create and distribute HTML5 apps so it will be very possible to find an application for practically anything you would ever look for. Web-based and [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]mobile games[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]mobile games[/tp] will be played with ease, without having to convert the programming and rules to fit Android or Apple standards. The choices are in the hands of the Web developers and the Firefox smartphone users.

Guest article written by: John Coyle is an avid freelance writer focusing on topics of technology, innovation, and digital media. His hobbies and interests include photography, cinema, [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Android games[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Android games[/tp], video games, and traveling.

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  1. I really love Firefox and can’t wait for it. I think they’ll do a great job. Plus I really like their addons. Thanks for the blog.

  2. The biggest hurdle will be apps, Mozilla has to build a large library of free apps to compete with android

  3. Firefox phones may not materialize in the United States until 2014. “Most of [Firefox OS’s] growth is going to come from the emerging world,” Kovacs said. “That’s today where the Firefox OS devices will largely be aimed.

  4. yes it was Right present days technology day by day change and same thing Many mobile users know that Operating System market leaders, Android and iOS, hold a very large lead over any competitors. it was correct Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs has revealed a plan to release a line of smartphones that will run on the Firefox Operating System

  5. To make this possible, Mozilla created new Web APIs that enable Web apps to access the underlying capabilities of the handset (camera, telephony, messaging, Bluetooth).

  6. I use Opera in my smartphone but I see Mozilla Firefox will give more possibilities. I will download and try Mozilla Firefox for smartphones.


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