France Joins Germany In I.E. Warning – Opera Downloads Increases

BBC News reports that France has now joined Germany in their warning against web users browsing with Internet Explorer and also recommends users to find an alternative Internet browser until Microsoft has issued a patch to fix the security hole in the three Internet Explorer browsers.

While a switch to an alternative browser, such as Firefox, will get you away from this particular Internet Explorer security threat, you might as well be opening up for another threat coming through Firefox. You can never know and things move so fast these days, but it seems the issues with Internet Explorer are the subject of conversation at the moment and thus a switch to, for instance Firefox, Chrome or Opera might be a good idea – also to try out something new.

Meanwhile, the  browser from Norway, Opera, is enjoying the Internet Explorer warnings. On a typical weekend they usually see their Opera browser being downloaded around 18,000 times from Germany. The weekend following the German Internet Explorer warning, downloads rose to 37,000.

There are, so far, not any numbers available on how many downloads Firefox or Chrome had, compared to a normal weekend.

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