Cardboard Computer Goes Into Production

Recompute has created a computer where the casing is made out of cardboard. The company announced on their Twitter recently that the cardboard computer can be ordered already now, even though expected delivery and price is not yet official.

Apparently, by making the computer casing out of cardboard, they reduce the amount of material not too suitable for recycling. Just remember to throw (some of) your computer in the right recycling bin when you throw it out…

3 thoughts on “Cardboard Computer Goes Into Production”

  1. Wow! That is such a unique concept! I was worried about durability so I visited their website and they actually look really strong and sturdy.

  2. This is cool! Haven’t heard about this device/product til I read your post. Its nice to see entrepreneurs come up with these type of products that are earth-friendly and recyclable. 😀


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