How can the print technology industry adopt innovative alternative methods to become more sustainable?

The printing technology industry is rising to the major challenge of becoming more sustainable. Having been associated with some extremely negative connotations of being particularly destructive to the environment, the pressure has mounted on the industry to take some action to change its ways. One of the biggest environment concerns is deforestation plus, the various … Read more →

How mobile phone recycling works

Recycling has become part of our national consciousness, with most of us having a recycling bin which is collected every couple of weeks. Paper, cardboard, plastic and glass can all be recycled and as our awareness of the limits on our natural resources grow, so more and more of us realise the importance of recycling … Read more →

Why Recycle Toner Cartridges?

There is nothing more frustrating than when you’re ready to print a document and your monitor displays that pesky little message, “Need Toner Cartridge Replacement.” In a fit of frustration, it can be easy to brusquely remove the offending empty cartridges and toss them into the trash. HALT! Resist the urge and instead, consider the … Read more →

Cardboard Computer Goes Into Production

Recompute has created a computer where the casing is made out of cardboard. The company announced on their Twitter recently that the cardboard computer can be ordered already now, even though expected delivery and price is not yet official. Apparently, by making the computer casing out of cardboard, they reduce the amount of material not … Read more →