Internet Explorer Gains Market Share – Firefox Lose

New data from Net Applications, who’s in the business of analysis Internet-related stuff, shows that Internet Explorer for the second month in a row has been able to increase its market share, after having been on the decline for several months.

In July, Microsoft Internet Explorer accounted for 60.74% of all browsers, up 0.44% compared to June and up 0.99% since May where Internet Explorer was at its all-time lowest.

Opera and Safari is also gaining, which means the biggest loser is now Firefox. Firefox is down 0.9% compared to June and is now at 22.91%. Firefox best month was November 2009 with 24.72%.

Chrome, for the first time, did not see a market share gain but a small decrease by 0.08% back to 7.16%.

6 thoughts on “Internet Explorer Gains Market Share – Firefox Lose”

  1. Latest Firefox 3.6.3 compeltely screwed Flash (especially HD videos)… On a massive CPU which could handle flash at around 40% utilization, I am now on about 99% for the same videos just after upgrading to 3.6.3

    Guess what .. I don’t get that problem with iE- so there’s the reason for one big part of the decline –

    • Yeah, I was surprised too. By the way, please use a real name and not keywords – if you want a ‘dofollow’ link to your site, otherwise I make them ‘nofollow’.

  2. I still like Firefox over the other browser since it has a lot of plug-ins which makes life easy for webmasters.

  3. Great! That’s an excellent achievement this year. Gaining a big share in the market is not easy especially in times of recession. Fortunate those companies that able to survive. Keep up the good work!


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