Google Pacman Ate 4.8 Million Work Hours ($120 Million)

Last Friday (May 21st) was Pacman’s 30 year birthday and to celebrate, Google integrated a fully playable Pacman game into their logo on

RescueTime, who did some calculations based on the activity of 11,000 users, estimates that the time spent on Google’s frontpage last Friday went from 11 seconds on average to 45 seconds. Based on that, they also estimate that a total of 4.8 million working hours were “wasted” playing Pacman, equal to 120 million dollars loss of productivity (based on an average salary of $25 per hour for an office employee).

Pacman has been removed from again, but is still available at, from which you can also search. If you haven’t tried the game yet, just visit and click the “insert coin”-button just below the search box.

7 thoughts on “Google Pacman Ate 4.8 Million Work Hours ($120 Million)”

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  6. Pac Man is a very addicting game. Google should do more stuff like that bring more interaction thus bringing more people to use the search engine. Now and days everybody wants entertainment and be involved in stuff. Thats why facebook and myspace got so popular.
    .-= Robby Keller´s last blog ..Best 2010 Registry Restore Utility =-.

  7. Google sollte mehr solcher Spiele bringen… Die bringen auf der tristen Suchseite ein wenig Abwechslung.. Pacman selbst hab ich auf Google bis zum Umfallen gespielt 😉


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