Google Voice can now Warn Users of Potential Spam Calls

Google, the maker of the Android Operating System for smartphones, has recently added a new feature in its Google Voice telephone service app.  Basically, the feature will showcase a big red warning sign with the incoming call if it detects or identifies the call to be spam.  Through this early warning notification, labeled “suspected spam caller”, you are prevented from engaging with any potential spam callers.

In case you are not aware, Google Voice is a telephony app that allows you to call any phone number in a number of countries for free for a monthly subscription fee.  The advantage to using this is that you can register any available number and use only that single number across different platforms or smart devices you may have.

The new feature of Google Voice is said to be intelligent enough to sense any possible spam call.  While Google Voice has been equipped with filters in the past, they did not really work optimally for those who gets lots of important phone calls from unknown numbers.  With the new feature using advanced artificial intelligence as boasted by the tech giant, users not only get protected from unwanted calls, but they are also protected from possibly dangerous scams.

The spam detection feature will simply showcase a big warning sign along with the incoming call screen and that of the user’s call history. The feature itself will not totally prevent you from answering the call.  Additionally, there will be an option to label if a call is spam so that any future calls from that number will automatically be directed to either the voicemail or the spam folder.  On the other hand, clarifying if the call is not spam can help clear its label on future calls.

The spam warning will be available within the next few days and will be provided to anyone with a Google Voice account.  It is estimated that the spam detection feature will be up by the 13th of January.

Image: SOPA Images / Getty Images