Improve Visual Appeal of Your Website with These Google Review Examples

We can all agree that market competition is getting fierce with each passing day. And as online shopping and ecommerce are becoming increasingly crucial for brands to survive. Therefore, brands need to develop credibility in the market.

Therefore, we have Google reviews for the rescue. Google reviews not only help consumers in making their decision but also help brands to prove their credibility in the market. And hence, you might have noticed many brands are now actively opting to embed Google review widget on website.

Google review widget works like a functional block on website that enables to embed Google reviews on the website. Various tools like social media aggregators help you in this cause, as they provide you with a dedicated Google review widget and help you to embed it on website.

But merely adding Google review widget on website is not enough. It is important to make that widget noteworthy so that your visitors pay attention to it. Or what will be the point of embedding Google review widgets on a website, if people aren’t noticing it. And hence in this blog, we will discuss some helpful Google reviews examples that you can use or take inspiration for while adding a Google review widget to the website.

Google Reviews Examples for Your Website

Tools like social media aggregators not only ease the embedding process but also provide some useful features that help users add great significance to this strategy. Users can personalize their widget as per their needs, add charm, and even moderate the content. Moreover, they can select an appropriate theme or layout for their widget to make the website more visually appealing. And here are some effective Google review examples that you can use for your website.

1. Review Carousel

The first Google reviews example on our list is Review Carousel. Carousels are a helpful and effective way to showcase content. Even many social media platforms use this style to showcase their content. Review carousel allows users to display varied content at one go.

When you use the Review carousel to display your Google reviews, you provide an ease to your visitors to read the content one by one, and they even have the option to swipe to see more content.

2. Widget (Sidebar)

Sidebar widgets enjoy tremendous popularity in the internet space. Many websites use the sidebar to showcase their respective content. By choosing the sidebar widget to Google review on the website. This theme option is a splendid way to display reviews on your product pages or if you have an exclusive discount going on your website. 

Displaying a review sidebar widget on your webpage would function nicely to convert your visitors seamlessly into your existing customers. If the customers are confused about making a purchase, they can go through the reviews without leaving the website widow and can eventually make up their minds. 

3. Review Box

Review Box theme enables brands to display examples of customer reviews in a square box. These boxes create a good visual appeal to the website and improve its overall look and feel of it.

The best part about the theme is that it allows brands to exhibit several reviews in one go. In this theme, the brand can display their respective product’s star ratings and include feedback in a synchronized format. 

4. List View

List View is quite similar to the Review box theme. Like, the review box theme, the List view allows the users to display the star ratings and the feedback at once. However, the significant difference between the list view and review box theme is that, in this theme, reviews will be displayed in a vertical format. 

Overall, the theme looks great and helps to display Google customer reviews in a presentable format. 

5. Testimonial Slider (Classical Carousel) 

The testimonial slider is one of the most used Google review widget themes for websites. It adds grace to the website, making it more pleasing to the eyes. It displays the customer reviews in a detailed format with the ratings in rectangles boxes.  

You can place sliders anywhere on your website and on your webpage. With sliders, your consumers can know about the product and read reviews simultaneously, without leaving the windows. And this makes it easy for the consumers to make their purchase decisions.

6. Snap Card

The last theme option on our list is Snap Card. This theme is amongst the most favored and adored theme options as it allows the users to display Google customer reviews examples in the form of cards. 

This theme adds charisma to the website and helps to catch the website visitors’ attention easily.

Over to You

These are some of the best Google review examples for the website, which you can adopt while adding a Google review widget. With the help of tools like social media aggregators, you can easily get these reviews and display them on your website.

Guest article written by: I’m Daisy – a digital marketer that has a passion for writing and exploring new marketing trends and innovations. My interest lies in social media platforms, tools (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Review Widget and etc.), and digital marketing trends.

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