Tips On How To Maintain Your Massage Chair

Massage chairs have become a great addition to any home. Not only can they be used for relaxation purposes, but also the treatment of various body ailments. Maintaining your massage chair to ensure that it lasts for a long time is essential. Here are some tips on how you can do that:

1. Keep Your Massage Chair Clean and Dry

It goes without saying that you should always keep your massage chair clean. You don’t want your massage chair to go to waste, especially if it is a high-end one like the Osaki Maestro LE massage chair. Regularly wipe down your massage chair with a damp or microfiber cloth. This will help you remove dust, hair, dead skin cells, and any other dirt or grime that may have accumulated on your massage chair over time. Wipe off any excess moisture with a dry towel, and then allow the chair to air dry completely before using it again. You can also use mild soap and water to clean the surface of your massage chair. Just ensure that you rinse off the soap thoroughly before allowing it to air dry too!

2. Do Not Use Any Chemicals On Your Massage Chair

You should never use chemical cleaners on your massage chair because they can damage its upholstery or other components, especially if they contain bleach! Always be careful when cleaning up spills as well – do not let any liquids come in contact with the surface of your massage chair unless they are water-based! If you spill something like coffee or juice on your massage chair, dab at it with a towel until all of it has been absorbed by the towel before wiping away any excess moisture with another towel!

3. Do Not Use Your Massage Chair If You Have A Skin Condition

You should never use your massage chair if you have a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema. These conditions can be worsened by the friction caused by the massage chair and even cause rashes or sores to develop! If you have a skin condition, use your massage chair only after you have consulted with your doctor and gotten their approval.

4. Do Not Use Your Massage Chair If You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is a time when your body is going through many changes, and it is not advisable to use any type of massaging equipment during this time. In fact, many doctors advise against using a massage chair or any massaging equipment if you are pregnant, so it’s best to avoid doing so altogether!

5. Keep Your Massage Chair Clean And Dust Free At All Times

Suppose your massage chair becomes dusty or dirty over time (especially if pets are in the house). In that case, you should regularly clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. Be sure that all the dust has been removed from the surface of the massage chair before allowing it to air dry completely!

Other Tips and Tricks

If you want to get the most out of your massage chair, then you should:

  1. Do Not Leave Your Massage Chair In Direct Sunlight For Extended Periods Of Time

Suppose you leave your massage chair in direct sunlight for extended periods. In that case, it can damage the upholstery or even warp the frame! If you know it will be a scorching day, always cover your massage chair with a tarp or other type of covering before leaving it outside.

  1. Do Not Sit On Your Massage Chair In Wet Clothes

You should never sit on your massage chair while wearing wet clothes because they can cause mildew to develop on the upholstery surface! Always take off any wet clothing before sitting on your massage chair – if possible, hang them up in a dry place to air dry before putting them back on again!

  1. Do Not Use Your Massage Chair If You Are Feeling Unwell Or Have A Fever

Your body needs all of its energy for healing and fighting off an illness or fever – using a massage chair will deplete this energy and make you feel even more tired than you already do! If you are feeling under the weather or have flu-like symptoms, use your massage chair only after completely recovering from these illnesses! Otherwise, rest and stay in bed until your symptoms disappear entirely! The JPMedics Kumo 4D massage chair provides different intensity of massage strokes and airbags compression, that you can still enjoy a massage at any state you are in.

  1. Keep Your Massage Chair Out Of The Way Of Pets And Children

If you have pets or small children in the house, be sure to keep your massage chair out of the way of these animals at all times! If they find it and try to use it, they may break something on it or even get hurt using it!

  1. Clean Your Massage Chair Regularly

Always clean your massage chair regularly (once every two weeks or so) to ensure that the upholstery is still in good condition and that there is no mildew growing on its surface. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment if you want to remove any particularly stubborn dirt from the chair’s surface!

  1. Do Not Try To Repair Your Massage Chair Yourself – Always Call A Professional For Help If You Need It

You should never try to repair your massage chair yourself unless you are a professional! If something goes wrong with your chair and you don’t know how to fix it, always call in a professional for help instead! They will be able to help improve whatever problem you are having with your massage chair much more quickly than if you try to do so yourself!


A massage chair, even if it’s an ordinary one or a high-tech one like Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair, is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at work or exercising. These chairs are beneficial in relieving muscle tension and helping you to relax so that you can fall asleep more easily at night.

If you want to get the most out of your massage chair, follow these tips on how to use it properly!

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