6 Passive Income Ideas for Photographers to Make More Money This Year

It’s fulfilling being a photographer, yet it can also be disheartening when there are slow client times, and paying bills becomes tough. To guarantee revenue, here are six passive income ideas for photographers to make more money this year, while letting you do what you love the most — taking photos.

6 Passive Income Ideas for Photographers to Make More Money This Year

Earn some extra cash using your old photos by selling prints and stock images. You can also get supplemental income by creating a monetized blog, developing photography courses, renting gear, and selling Lightroom presets. These passive income ideas for photographers can help you make more money this year. 


Blogging can be a great way to build an audience interested in your niche, products, or services. You can also use the blog’s content to monetize your social media channels to reach a wider market

Determine what you want to focus on, and write about what you love or know very well. It can be technical tips, product reviews, or tutorials. 

Sell Prints

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer, you know how rewarding it is to see your pictures on print. Selling prints not only brings you cash, it also lets people recognize your work in public. You can either sell it online or display actual prints.

Selling prints is an excellent way to target individuals or particular businesses. For instance, you can offer your travel photos to tourism-related enterprises or landscapes to art enthusiasts. You can also sell limited edition prints to spark interest among buyers and keep the items valuable. 

Host Photography Classes

There are people looking to improve their photography skills, which makes teaching classes a great passive income idea. As a photographer, there are several topics you can discuss, such as the different types of photography, logistics of a photoshoot, and basic photo editing. 

One way to do this is to record yourself teaching classes and uploading them on your website or social media accounts. Likewise, you can look into teaching opportunities at online educational platforms. Another option is to host a Zoom class where people can pay for slots and experience a live class.

Sell Stock Photos

Selling stock images is one of the easiest ways for photographers to get passive income, as long as you find the right platform and have the patience to wait for earnings. Additionally, you need to have a sizable amount of pictures and eagerness to upload regularly. 

Websites like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and EyeEm pay good money for high-quality stock images. However, they vary in site policies and licenses, so make sure to check the differences in stock photography websites before committing.

Rent Photography Equipment

Renting your photography gear is a way to earn passive income with minimal effort, yet this may pose some risks. Should you feel a bit uncomfortable lending your equipment to strangers, you can choose only to rent it to your colleagues in the industry. 

If you have an extra camera or lens that you rarely use, set this as your official rental equipment, so you won’t have to worry much about the gears you use for work. 

Offer Lightroom Presets

Do people keep asking you what preset you used for your latest portraits? Perhaps people always praise your filters. If you have a knack for developing presets on Adobe Lightroom or filters on Adobe Photoshop, you can also profit from this by turning them into digital goods.


There are several ways for you to earn extra money even if you don’t have bookings. Play with your strengths, and you can use them to streamline your income and flourish your career as a photographer. 

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