Top Tips on Capturing Real Life Folio with Professional Photography

May 2, 2019

Everyday photography or real-life photography is a specialty in which a camera is effectively used to capture the most beautiful, mundane, everyday moments of people’s life. Even though it was initially for those who were in the limelight and used to be followed by real-life photographers, but now anyone can do it their own. You […]

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8 Ideas For Photographers From 8 Creative Advertising

September 23, 2018

Advertisement is everywhere. Wherever we go. Whatever we do. Advertising meets us on the screens of conputers and TV-sets, on the road, accompanies us on a way to work and back home. However, a study showed that 3% of advertisements only have long-term effect. Creative advertisement is within these golden 3%. Here are the most […]

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Top 5 camera drones for aerial photography

July 30, 2018

Now, drone technology is used in an array of both existing and new applications. The drones are available in different price ranges and models that range from simple toys to highly sophisticated and efficient military aircraft. Many people buy some kind of drones which can fly at increased speeds, racing against drones or perform acrobatics. […]

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Great Ways to Get Genuine Smiles In Photography

August 15, 2017

Photography is one of the most interesting fields you could pursue, and this gets better when your subjects emotionally reciprocate to your advances. One of the most common challenges photographers face is getting their subjects to smile for a photo, naturally. As a professional photographer, you want to produce the most stunning images, and smiling […]

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Getty Images – Worthwhile for Serious Photographers?

March 6, 2013

As one of the most recognizable stock photography companies out there, it came as no surprise when it was valued at $3.3 billion last year. It has certainly provided a lot of value for those looking to buy stock photography, and an awful lot of value for the Getty and Klein estates… … but does […]

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When zoom camera lenses creep – who do you call? Lensband!

May 6, 2012

Are you a DSLR shooter and do you own a super zoom lens? If you can answer yes to that double-question, then you’ve probably already heard about “lens creep”, or perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself, on your own lens(es), maybe even quite often. If you answered “no” to the double-question, but you’re considering buying a […]

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World of Tab meets photographer Fatsarazzi – Samsung Galaxy Tab

September 5, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has arrived and will be launched in stores all across the UK this month.  With this, Samsung has launched the “World of Tab” at where you can find videos on unboxing, reviews, and personal stories.  You can also view their Facebook account at In one of the videos (view […]

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Photography: What’s drawing the eye (visual mass)?

December 15, 2010

If you like taking pictures, then you’d probably prefer taking pictures that people like to look at as well. Sometimes we get lucky and capture a great shot, but often it takes a little bit of thought or planning to get it just right. Remember, don’t just take pictures – make them! One thing you, […]

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