8 Ideas For Photographers From 8 Creative Advertising

Advertisement is everywhere. Wherever we go. Whatever we do. Advertising meets us on the screens of conputers and TV-sets, on the road, accompanies us on a way to work and back home. However, a study showed that 3% of advertisements only have long-term effect. Creative advertisement is within these golden 3%. Here are the most creative printed advertising campaigns to get inspiration.

This advertisement resonates with viewers and allows to look at the world in a broader way. Marketing specialists apply to our brains and sense of humor with the help of a creative advertising as opposed to straightforward advertising created simply to draw attention.

Why this theme is going to be interesting for stock photographers? Bring in a feature of novelty in your portfolio, add new interpretations and you will get a chance to attract new clients.

1. Do not say anything, but show

Even though it is about a beautiful illustration but not about a photography, this advetsirement poster with the image of Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed is a true masterpiece of a creative advertisement. It was created by Saatchi & Saatchi agency for advertising campaign of the Museum of Architecture in Moscow. This picture shows famous pieces of architecture, which represent only a part of a huge world, hidden behind. Discover the full story has become an advertising slogan of the campaign.

The first lesson a stock photograph can learn here is to show fragments of history within one picture. It means that you need to learn how to show but not tell. This advertisement makes a truly strong impression and everything due to the fact of a photograph and a concept to be there.

It is possible to tell the whole story due to little digital manipulations in one shot. One of stock photographers, John Wilhelm uses this tactics. Aplpiyng his skills of post processing, he tells the whole story in one shot.

2. Use negative space

And here is a touching advertising of animal adoption through an image of a family: a mother, a father and a baby. It is one of the best examples of many senses and thought composition. You can always rely on animals if you need to reach out to mass audience besides such a composition will resonate with viewers. Everything is up to the point in this shot — simply and effectively. It represents an excellent example of how to create something out of nothing. Everything what was required for its creation are models, good light and a few lines of post processing.

3. Use sense of humor wherever you can

Probably everyone will agree upon advertisement to be a serious business Дlet alone stock photography. Nevertheless, you can add sense of humor to your photosession without irony at the same time. It may be not an advertising of high artistic merit or knocking one`s socks off but it draw attention, which is quite justifiable because it causes laughter.

Do not be afraid to seem weird — it will make your clients stop. And this is the reaction an advertising agency Duval Guillaume was hoping for. Its main message was: «Reality sucks», and you, surely, see, how exactly all the details speak about it: the weather is no good, the boat is so-so, besides an accident is disturbing enough. To cut it short, far from that romantic scene we normally see on movies.

Humor can be the best weapon for a stock photographer. Learn to use it and your portfolio will play out in fresh colours. Be creative and try to take out more than usually out of your photosessions. Have a breather? Try to find something funny about an object of your photoshot.

4. Show your point of view

If to speak about execution, this advertisement of Rolling Stone magazine represents a brilliant example. The campaign`s slogan: «We are made of rock», and creators managed to show both, a product and a spirit and a point of the magazine`s view within one shot. Note the simplicity of the shot itself — one object only looking like a musical instrument.

We can see product shots quite often on the photo stocks. And for the most part, these simply shots of customal for us objects. What if to use these objects to create a totally different story, for example, like this one? There is enough and to spare food for thought here, and everything you need is to try oneself in something new.

5. Ruin a pattern, be different

Patterns attract attention very easy. They truly attract us and the reason for this lies within the way our brains work. Why ruining a pattern works so effectively though? This is due our eyes to get used to a pattern, which is why when it is ruined, a wrong element stands out among others and is a pain in the neck ( Все потому, что наши глаза быстро привыкают к узору, поэтому, когда вы его нарушаете, неправильный элемент выделяется среди прочих и мозолит нам глаза (in the finest sense of this word of course).

This simple but very effective concept was used in advertising campaign of Volkswagen company. Its slogan: «A bad part affects the whole system». Everything is incredibly simple on this shot: a row of people and there is one among them, a rebel, with an underlying meaning.

Such shots can be real masterpieces of stock photography. Patterns in nature and everyday life are always popular. Ruin patterns in a right way and your shots will compel attention.

6. Nature and art as sources of inspiration

Very minimalistic but complicated image at the same time. Initiative «Plant for the Planet» took something fragile and tender as a leaf and showed a sky of an industrial city on it. This advertisement combining a strong message and a creative approach speak with the viewers better than words.

Many of you experiment with compositions of leaves and other materials. Namely these materials can turn your work into a serious message. And for second thoughts and adoptation of work pieces, you need time and a spice of creativity only.

7. Focus on social awareness

Amnesty International has one of the strongest advertising posters. They do not recourse to any jokers, do not use bright colours, they simply show us frozen moments, such as this, for instance. A parallel between quite family evening in front of a TV-set and the illustration below makes us b elost in deep thought. Everyone of us is familiar with a notion of a family but some families are doomed to live in another reality.

One of the tasts of a photograph is to reflect life as it is however, it is very important what you decided on focusing, what you draw your attention to. Those pictures, which reflect reality even rough sometimes can make an incredible strong impression.

8. New perspective on the old concepts

Clean Up Australia Day project was simply doomed to success because its creators approached to the interpretation of the old and known idea with imagination. We all know that a concept of a sprout is one of the most typical cliche in a stock photography. A very simple idea brought them success. A bottle mark on the ground became that tiny detail, a message carrying out a huge power — a new life can grow where trash lies.

You as a photographer should re-new and re-store some old concepts giving them a new life. Oftentimes, thinking over the old images, new ones appear, truly fresh and creative. Therefore, you need to add this idea to your creative piggy bank.

What lesson to learn out of all these advertising posters? For you, as for a photographer, the main thing is to bring creativity out to the next level. It is all about an approach to a photoshot. Fill in your portfolio with works, which assert themselves, compel viewers attention and are remembered for long.

Guest article written by: Melisa Marzett is a creative writer who likes to take pictures just as well. She loves nature, animals and pays attention to the slightest details. Melisa works for
http://smartessayrewriter.com/ as a freelancer, which makes it to where she is free to move around, travel and take as many pictures as she wants.

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