Top Tips on Capturing Real Life Folio with Professional Photography

by Emily on May 2, 2019

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Everyday photography or real-life photography is a specialty in which a camera is effectively used to capture the most beautiful, mundane, everyday moments of people’s life. Even though it was initially for those who were in the limelight and used to be followed by real-life photographers, but now anyone can do it their own. You can capture all minute things happen between the birthdays and holidays, which many people don’t take time to capture.

Professional photographers now offer real-life photography service also in which they come and capture your everyday moments and prepare a folio based on it to be kept for a lifetime. Further, in this article, we will discuss some key factors to consider while planning for everyday life photography.

#1. Decide which real-life moments to capture

Even though each minute of our life is beautiful, you may find some special such to be listed to capture for a folio. At special times, these may be things which you don’t want to forget ever. We may not list down the samples, but you can think and write down some such possibilities from your daily life to plan a real-life folio. Such a list of each individual will be unique. Once if you have such a list in hand, go ahead with the next steps.

#2. Get a professional photographer to work with if you are not one by yourself

If you aren’t a photography expert, then it is advisable to hire a good photographer from providers like Porfyri who is an expert in such assignments. There are plenty of providers there around, but you need to consider those who specialise in real-life photography to prepare a folio. Share your aspirations with them in order to plan a proper photo shoot and the schedules.

#3. Think of light before the location

Real-time photography is usually captured in the backdrop of your real-life environment than a studio. So, while thinking of capturing an image, always look at the light patterns and the tone to decide the best shooting positions. However, when it comes to the meeting the actual purposes of lifestyle photography, it is not above artificial lighting or other enhancements, but simply ensuring that most of the light made available for perfect photographs.

#4. Capture the scenes, than just the subject

Folio images need to be tell-tale photographs than being just a focused image. So, most of the times, they may need to plan for detailed shots than just covering just a portion of the entire scene. This doesn’t, however, mean that you have to use a macro lens or need to get into all tiny details of the surroundings, but it is all about noticing even the smaller elements in the surroundings which may otherwise go unnoticed like the small toys your kids play with, strawberries on the pot on your table, book covers, a historical portrait hanging on the all, and the other sneaky little things around here around.

When it comes to everyday life photography to prepare folios, there may be times when one image may not suffice the need. So, the best idea is to shoot stories by taking several sequential images of the same activity. The most important consideration is to make all these so natural by considering the proper angles, covering details, and making it a tell-tale story with perfect high-quality images.

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