Photography: What’s drawing the eye (visual mass)?

If you like taking pictures, then you’d probably prefer taking pictures that people like to look at as well. Sometimes we get lucky and capture a great shot, but often it takes a little bit of thought or planning to get it just right. Remember, don’t just take pictures – make them! One thing you, … Read more →

Quick Tip: Free Mac data recovery software

Just a quick tip for Mac users on how to recover deleted or lost data, such as pictures or documents. CleverFiles has just released Disk Drill, which is a new free Mac data recovery software. Disk Drill recovers damaged and deleted data from external or internal hard drives, memory cards, etc. and allows protecting data … Read more →

Photographing Lightning [pictures included]

Last night we had some thunderstorms over Malta with a good amount of lightning as well and I’ve always wanted to get a really great shot of a lightning strike, so I figured I might as well begin to practice and figure out how to do it. At first I stepped outside on the patio … Read more →

Google Street View – More Funny Pictures (Part 1 of 2)

My post from a month ago, Funny Pictures: Google Street View Launched in Denmark, keeps topping the “popular posts”-chart here on the blog. I guess people like to look at funny Google Street View pictures, and that’s understandable, because there are some very funny and whacky moments out there 🙂 I’ve been gathering some more … Read more →