How to buy the best weather station for personal use

Modern technology has given us fantastic tools in the shape of weather stations that can either be used for personal or professional use to understand how weather works. Nowadays, there are plenty of weather stations available with a unique set of features that cater to different needs, so we highly recommend looking past the following … Read more →

Perfect gifts for your weather watching friend

If you know somebody who is constantly checking their numerous mobile apps, websites, thermometers, barometers or own a few of their own personalized weather stations you know what a weather geek is. Being fascinated with the weather is all natural for all of us who inhabit this planet, but for some people, the weather is … Read more →

Photographing Lightning [pictures included]

Last night we had some thunderstorms over Malta with a good amount of lightning as well and I’ve always wanted to get a really great shot of a lightning strike, so I figured I might as well begin to practice and figure out how to do it. At first I stepped outside on the patio … Read more →