Win £10,000 – British Weather Photographer of the Year

Here’s a chance for amateur photographers to enjoy the British summer weather and get a chance to win a £10,000 prize. Lloyds TSB is a sponsor of Channel 4 Weather and they have a photo contest running until September 30th 2010. All you have to do is submit a weather related photograph and you’re in the contest to become British weather photographer of the year.

Entrants must be 18 or older and UK residents (and of course you must comply with general terms & conditions of the contest), unfortunately I’m not a UK resident so I cannot participate, but don’t let that keep you from participating – at least now you have one less competitor to worry about 🙂 Here’s an example photo which I took this summer on a very nice day, it was sunny, interesting clouds and a deep blue sky and the grass was green:

As for the photo contest goes, 12 finalist will be selected by the four judges and put in a public exhibition for a week before the overall £10,000 winner is announced.

Each week you can also win £100. All photos submitted are to be found in their gallery where you can vote as well. The weekly picture, with most votes in that week, will win £100 – simple as that.

Currently the gallery holds just over 5,000 photos so the judges will have a lot of work ahead of them. The 12 finalists will be chosen for the flair, technique and originality used in capturing British weather. This also means that it’s okay for you to use the HDR technique if you believe that will give you a better picture. Just don’t forget that the judges are not some Mr. Nobody. Two of them are pro photographers, one of them is editor-in-chief of a UK photography magazine and the last one is a meteorologist and weatherman.

Please leave a comment below with a link to your entry and I’ll be happy to check it out and maybe even cast a weekly vote for you – if I like the picture, of course.

Happy snapping!

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