[Poll] Mashable: 10 Classic PC Games That Found New Life on the iPhone

Mashable did a story yesterday about 10 classic PC games that found new life on the iPhone.

For me, one of the problems with iPhone gaming is that most of the games quickly becomes bored to me. It’s not that I don’t WANT to play them, cause I really do, and I buy them as well. Playing some of the good ol’ classic PC games on the iPhone has turned out to be really fun and also a way to bring back good memories.

The list that Mashable created consist of the following 10 titles:

  1. Doom Classic
  2. Myst
  3. The Oregon Trail
  4. The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition
  5. Plants vs Zombies
  6. Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered
  7. Prince of Persia Retro
  8. Rogue
  9. Sim City Deluxe
  10. Worms
  11. Frotz

Yes there are 11 games on the list, but Frotz is a “bonus”. Frotz is not a game on its own but more like an application where you can load different text based games in it and you will write in the application, what to do in the game.

Back to the list. The only game I’ve tried on my iPhone is The Secret of Monkey Island. It’s pretty cool. I also have Sim City, but it’s the old iPhone version, not the new “Deluxe” version. I’m not going to buy the Deluxe version for iPhone, but when it comes out in an iPad version then I might give it a go.

Prince of Persia was a really cool PC game – I spent hours playing it back in the days! I had no idea it was available for iPhone as well but I’m afraid of installing it, in case I happen to waste too many hours playing it – again 🙂

Have you tried any of the games above on your iPhone or do you remember any of them from the old classic PC days? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to vote in the poll as well:

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6 thoughts on “[Poll] Mashable: 10 Classic PC Games That Found New Life on the iPhone”

  1. I like plants versus zombies, but is it really the same feature like I use to have on my desktop? It’s nice to know that I can play PvsZ outside. Hehehe

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  3. I’m not really that big on games, except for chess, but I have been wnating to check out the Social Media Monopoly. Not so much becuse I like Monopoly, but because I am a social media geek.

    Though I’m not that big on games, I can see how people are wanting to play them on their smartphones, particularly when killing time, like a slow day at work or while waiting for something. I just can’t see people playing these games as a real passtime. Mybe if you have no life.


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