10 Money Saving Android Apps

Everyone is interested in saving money in the wake of the Great Recession of the last couple of years. The first step that must be taken in controlling one’s spending lies in keeping a tight reign on what the person currently has. Also, a log with all of the information on everything being spent is necessary. These following ten money saving Android Apps are all helpful in the ongoing quest to save greenbacks.

1. Loot App (Free)

Although Loot proves to be a basic finance app for Android, it is useful for having on a person’s mobile phone. It effectively replaces the former paper checkbook that an individual toted around everywhere. Since it does not provide any literal links to one’s bank or checking accounts via the Internet, there are no issues of privacy or security involved.

2. Money Manager App ($1.99)

Money Manager is a simple to utilize money log that stays on top of both personal income and expenses. It is helpful to use, not featuring any annoying impractical functions or complicated operations. A person can simply and speedily record all transactions.

3. My Coupons App (Free)

Like the name implies not so subtly, this app is helpful in tracking down and obtaining the very best deals available. Finding helpful and relevant coupons for any situation is now easy using this Android application. Each day, the person will see an updated list of really useful coupons that are loaded to the application’s main page. These can be uploaded to Facebook, Tweeted, or emailed from the app directly. Besides this, the app allows a person to find locally available deals via the GPS location, or alternatively through performing a search. One may even scan a product bar code to determine if a coupon is available for the product right on the spot.

4. Pocket Auctions App (Free)

Every person could use a service that showed them the very best deals on an item that he or she actually needs. Pocket Auctions is one such application useful for this situation. It has been compared to the mobile version of eBay. It allows users to do everything that they can do while on the website of eBay, as well as to do other things that eBay never dreamed of, such as scan a product bar code to determine if any current auctions are running for a given product.

5. ShopSavvy App (Free)

When an individual is roaming around a department store, then he or she will probably find ShopSavvy to be a potential money saver. This app permits an individual to rapidly and simply look for a given product to learn if any other stores feature it for a more affordable price. This might be online or at another nearby store. The app works by allowing an individual to utilize the phone’s camera in order to scan a product’s bar code. The app then finds the product and performs an exhaustive search for the product’s very best price.

6. Mint.com Mobil App (Free)

Mint’s mobile app turns out to be the most commonly utilized smart phone personal finance app available. It works on iPhones and not simply Androids. The program syncs up with a person’s mint.com account online. This provides for helpful immediate access to financial information so that budget decisions can be performed at any time and place. It also sends out bill pay alerts and permits looking up dates of purchases.

7. Gas Finder (Free)

With the constantly changing gas prices on the market anymore, what a person really needs is the ability to check the area’s best price for gasoline. Hold on, this ability already exists in the form of the Gas Finder App. A user simply picks out the station and accompanying price that he or she likes best and the phone becomes a GPS unit that gives directions directly to the station in question.

8. OurGroceries App (Free)

This app permits a person to sync up grocery lists with a spouse or friend, saving numerous trips down to the grocery store. The lists can also be saved for differing stores. Making individual lists for various grocery stores will save a person money every time.

9. Google Finance (Free)

Google hits another one out of the park with this app. It features information including real time stock quotes, personal financial news, individualized portfolio tracking, and more. Google Finance was good on a laptop or computer, and it is now more convenient on the person’s Android Phone.

10. KeyRing App (Free)

With this handy app, a person is able to scan bar codes available on retailers’ rewards cards. This app then displays them helpfully on the screen in all their glory. The cashier can literally scan it straight off of the person’s phone. No more reward card clutter is necessary now.

Keeping track of personal finances has never before been easier. Thanks to these Android apps, any person can save money now. The best thing about them is that they are all free, so there is no longer an excuse for not using them to track personal spending and potential areas for savings.

Guest Post by: Mark Brown writes about personal finance for Credit Card Compare, a comparison website based in Australia where consumers can compare balance transfer credit card offers that cut back interest repayments and help get people out of debt.

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  4. Thanks for the info. I’ve just got my first Android phone (an LG GT540) and am on the look out for great apps. I especially like the sound of the my coupon app – this will be great for when you’re out shopping. Loving the smartphone so far, wanted an iPhone 4, but at a fifth of the price the LG was the better option for me.


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