Keep a PC Safe in Cold Weather: 5 Practical Tips

Due to advanced technology, many personal computers (PCs) such as laptops can be used anywhere as needed. However, if a laptop is exposed to cold weather for a long period of time, it may affect its overall performance. Here are some tips to keep your PC safe during the cold weather season.

Wrap It Up

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Before you take your PC outside, it is important that you take the time to wrap it up tight and secure. You can purchase an insulated bag specifically made for carrying laptops or you can purchase a laptop slip cover. If you do not have access to an insulated bag or slip cover, then you can wrap your laptop up in a blanket or a couple of towels to provide extra warmth.

Purchase a Laptop Warmer

When you bring your laptop in from the cold, it is recommended that you allow it to warm up to room temperature before you turn it on. By purchasing a laptop warmer, you can place your laptop or multimedia notebook on this device to warm up your PC quicker. It is extremely important that you only using warmers designed for laptops. Using other warming devices such as a heating pad may damage your PC.

Keep Away from Extra Cold Spaces

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During the cold weather season, some places get extremely colder than others do especially unheated areas. Therefore, you should always keep your PC exposure to cold temperatures to a minimum. You should never store your PC in the trunk of your car since it is often an unheated area in your vehicle. If your PC is left outside in cold temperatures for a long period of time, you may risk losing your data.

Use the Sleep Mode

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While traveling outside in cold weather, it may be beneficial to you to keep your PC in sleep mode. When a PC is in sleep mode, the hard drive stays active and generates a small amount of heat. This heat allows the computer to stay warm during your travel time. However, if your travel time is going to over two hours, it may be wise to use another method to prevent killing the battery on your PC.

Purchase a Rugged Laptop

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If your lifestyle requires you to continuously use your PC in cold weather, you may need to purchase a rugged laptop. A rugged laptop is a PC created for usage in harsh working conditions, which includes extreme cold and hot weather. The prices of these laptops often vary based on the size, features, and speed. However, they are a great option for cold weather usage.

By using these five simple tips, you can prevent unnecessary damage and keep your PC in working condition regardless of the cold temperatures. Remember you should never turn on your PC until it has warmed up to room temperature.


Guest article written by: Phil Cohen is a graduate from San Diego State University, with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Public Relations. He is currently working with a computer firm in Houston, Texas. In his free time he enjoys freelance writing about technology products, as well  as Scuba Diving, White Water Rafting, and taking Road Trips.

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