Perfect gifts for your weather watching friend

If you know somebody who is constantly checking their numerous mobile apps, websites, thermometers, barometers or own a few of their own personalized weather stations you know what a weather geek is.

Being fascinated with the weather is all natural for all of us who inhabit this planet, but for some people, the weather is something especially fascinating and can turn into a true passion.

So, here are some ideas of the types of gifts you can get for a true weather geek or science nerd:

  1. A simple weather stone. It is basically a semi-large stone hanging on a rope or chain and coming with a table of instructions about the weather conditions. For example, if the stone is wet it is raining, or if the stone is swinging – it is windy. It seems quite primitive, but be sure that a person who is crazy about the weather will love to set up one of these in their garden.
  2. A rain gauge. This is another simplistic tool which is great for a gift to someone who is obsessed with the meteorological conditions. It is a gauge with measurements on a stand which is placed outdoors and measures the rainfall. Simple and yet pure fun to have in your backyard.
  3. The RadarScope app. Yes, your friend can download it for free but you can pay for some of the amazing paid in-app upgrades. This app informs the user of real-time weather conditions and provides them with true weather radar scanning the globe or a specified area for upcoming weather changes, storms, hurricanes, and others.
  4. A green screen. There are various green screen kits where your aspiring weather girl or weather boy friend can practice the tricky task of presenting the weather correctly to the public. This is a truly fun present which anybody will enjoy.
  5. A traditional weather vane. It is simple and yet beautiful and classy. Get your friend a weather vane which they can install on their roof, chimney or anywhere they want to and it will turn at any turn of the wind. It is a beautiful accessory for the home or outdoors and is one which will definitely make them appreciate the thoughtful gift.
  6. A digital pocket thermometer and anemometer. This small and handy tool will enable its new owner to always have precise digital information about the temperature and the speed of the wind wherever they are. It is a small and simple tool but can come in handy on many occasions, so consider buying one for yourself as well.
  7. A sling Psychrometer. Yes, you may not have heard of this one, but your weather obsessed friend will probably know how to use this tool. The sling psychrometer is a relatively simple and portable tool which helps measure the humidity levels in an area quickly and accurately. It can be used for measuring humidity levels indoors or outdoors and is quite a neat and affordable weather-related tool to have.
  8. A Fitzroy Storm Glass. The Fitzroy storm glass is a beautiful weather-related tool which just about anybody will enjoy having in their house. It is almost like a piece of art merged with science to come up with this amazing measurement instrument. A sealed glass tube or other container is filled with a special liquid which changes its crystallization state in a spectacular manner any times there are going to be changes in the weather. It can go from clear, to cloudy, dotty, cloudy with stars, large flakes, or crystals on the bottom or clouds on the top which all represent different weather conditions.

    Although these are hardly the most precise weather measurement tools, they are definitely curiosity items which anybody would enjoy watching and interpreting, especially somebody who is already acutely interested in weather prediction.
  9. A vintage thermometer. There is a wide range of choices of vintage thermometers. Some of them are true antiques being auctioned out, but others are less expensive and are available more as decorative pieces rather than as actual temperature measuring instruments. Here you have a wide choice, so choose among the different vintage thermometers in order to find the one which you know that your weather geek friend will love.
  10. A home weather station. There are various types of home weather stations. From simple ones to high-end semi-professional or professional ones. Here the choice depends on the type of present you want to give and the sum you are ready to pay. Most of the good quality home weather stations are excellent tools for measuring and predicting various weather conditions, so if you want to get your weather watching friend a serious gift which they can use on a daily basis – this is one you should consider.
  11. A Galileo thermometer. These are even more fascinating and great looking than the Fitzroy Storm glass. The crystal clear glass tube contains beautiful glass globes, each filled with bright colored liquid and featuring a temperature tag. They float in the water beautifully at different levels depending on the change of temperature in the room and are actually pretty accurate for measuring the ambient temperature. The amazing Galileo thermometer is something which just about anybody will enjoy having at home or at work because it is a beautiful tool which resembles an art piece and is a true joy to watch.

Any of these gifts – big or small will definitely bring the smile to the face of a person who is interested in the weather and loves weather-related instruments, tools, and objects. Make your hobbyist weather watching friend happy by presenting them with one of these great gifts, and you can be sure that your gesture will be appreciated greatly.

Best of all – these gifts are suitable for any occasion, due to the fact the weather is ever changing and nearly always unpredictable, so next time you are planning on getting your weather geek friend a present you know exactly what you want to get them!

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