Top 4 Effective Organic Ways to Increase Your Social Media Following

According to Statista, there are 2.46 billion social media network users around the globe. This number is projected to reach 3.02 billion in 2021. This simple statistic sends a powerful message—success in business depends on having a strong social media presence.

Why should you focus on increasing your social media following?

Let’s face it, getting loads of people to follow your brand takes a ton of work. Is it really worth all that effort? In one word, yes!

Your brand is more than just the sum of your followers, but a typical visitor does look at the numbers to gauge your reputation. A potential customer will consider your numbers to judge the brand’s reliability, influencers will check to see if your brand is worth collaborating with. There are literally hundreds of ways impressive social media numbers signal brand success.

If that isn’t reason enough to focus on improving follower numbers, here is another useful nugget of information: search engines such as Google factor in social signals when determining your site ranking. This means every brand needs to maintain a presence on major social media platforms.

This doesn’t mean you have to invest in dodgy shortcuts and buy followers, there are organic ways to increase follower counts.

Which platforms should you target?

According to the Pew Research Center, the four most popular social media platforms among U.S. adults are:

  1. Facebook (68%)
  2. Instagram (35%)
  3. Pinterest (29%)
  4. Snapchat (27%)

All of these platforms are very different and require a unique approach. We’ve categorized our tactics according to platform type for your convenience. Jump ahead to the section you want to focus on.

Increase Your Facebook Following

  • Keep your current followers engaged by posting interesting clickable content that meets their needs.
  • Keep promotional content to a minimum, an 80/20 ratio of non-promotional content to promotional content is recommended.
  • Interact with other relevant pages and groups in your niche to create awareness of your products/services.
  • Use Facebook’s Page Plugin tool to promote your posts on your blog and website.

Increase Your Instagram Following

  • Use relevant and trending hashtags in your posts and tag relevant users.
  • Consistent posting works better than a haphazard method. Create a schedule and stick to it.
  • Post at least three times per day. You can increase go over this limit occasionally since images are more shareable that text.
  • Craft a great profile bio and make sure your post captions are catchy.

Increase Your Pinterest Following

  • Post engaging and original content (or pins).
  • Follow similar accounts and repin their content.
  • Use relevant keywords in your descriptions and add alt text to optimize search engine visibility.
  • Create boards according to a targeted theme or customer niche.

Effective Ways to Increase Your Snapchat Following

  • Find and follow interesting brands and people by using the universal search feature.
  • Create stories that add value by focusing on content that is entertaining and unique.
  • Make snaps visually compelling by using lenses and different camera angles.
  • Share your Snapchat snapcode on other social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Implementing these general tips will help you increase the number of followers however, keep in mind there are no silver bullet tactics. Many factors determine your social media presence and you have to test out different tactics to find the one that works for you. Monitoring and testing across so many platforms can be a huge hassle. Moreover, creating a social media strategy requires a ton of research. An easy way to minimize the frustration is to get a faster internet connection. Check top internet and best cable deals in your area to make your social media tasks a piece of cake.

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