Top 5 camera drones for aerial photography

Now, drone technology is used in an array of both existing and new applications. The drones are available in different price ranges and models that range from simple toys to highly sophisticated and efficient military aircraft. Many people buy some kind of drones which can fly at increased speeds, racing against drones or perform acrobatics.

An airborne platform is also used to perform both aerial cinematography and photography. Along with this, most of the photographs, films, and documentaries are created by using drones. The best kind of drones now comes with electronic equipment and camera. The well-equipped drones have some specialized features to capture the wonderful aerial shots. If you want to enjoy the benefits, you can buy the best drones with a camera.

List of top camera drones

There are lots of camera drones available in the present market that will perfectly suit all budgets and needs. This guide let you know the best five camera drones ideal for excellent aerial photography. The precise details help you to choose the right kind of drone that has a built-in camera.

1. X5UW Thunderbolt

It is the most affordable camera drone offered by Force. The cost-effective features make this camera drone ideal for people who want to effectively experiment with drone technology. The good thing about this drone is that it comes with many features to bring you an enhanced level of enjoyment. The resolution of the camera is 720p. The FPV (First Person View) mode is an interesting feature of this drone that allows you to enjoy live video facility on the advanced smartphone.

2. Force 1 Drone UDI U818A

If you look for an entry-level camera drone, Force 1 is a right choice for your needs. It comes with VR headset and camera. The 2.4 GHz of the controller is a key feature of this system. This drone is controlled by using any downloadable app. The lightweight and compact drone is powered by two batteries. It helps you to power the drone for about 9 minutes.

3. Parrot AR 2.0 Drone

It is another affordable drone that comes with the best range of features. It comes with an array of features including flying saucer, distinctive and sleek design. The weight of this machine is up to 4 pounds. You can get in 3 different camouflage color schemes. This camera drone is controlled by IOS or Android device. It will allow you to command the drone in an effective manner. There is an efficient battery in this drone system that let you enjoy twelve minutes flight time.

4. DJI Spark

As the compact drone, Spark allows you to enjoy superior camera system. The flight performance of this system is excellent. It has an impressive design to bring your incredible performance.

5. Yuneec Q500 4K Drone Typhoon

It is a high-quality drone system that is equipped with a built-in camera. There are lots of attractive features available in this camera drone. You can get this system at very reasonable rates. The three-axis gimbal, 2.4 GHz of the transmitter and 4K/1080p camera, are key features of this camera drone that let you enjoy the enhanced performance.

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