How to Add Photos to Videos?

There can be several instances that warrant the addition of photos to videos. While many add on comic characters in different corners of a video, many need to add photo to video to add a watermark effect. Photos can be great to cover up blemishes. All this can be accomplished with video editing software, many of which are free and offer such a feature and more among their video editing functions.

Full-Featured Video Editing Software and Their Benefits

If you wish to add photo to video, voice dubbing, and other effects, it is best to explore a full-featured video editing tool. These are usually software that includes tools effective for blending modes, speed control, voiceovers, chroma key, video reverse, and others. A good video editor would be easy to use and at the same time, will allow users to fine-tune details frame by frame as well.

A fine example in this category is Wondershare Filmora9. This video editing tool can be tried for free or subscribed to at nominal rates. It has a wide range of tools and features that are powerful. The features it offers for editing videos include:

  • Change the background and add special effects.
  • Add text, tracks, and music to the timeline.
  • Layer in several video clips with the picture in picture feature.
  • Adjust the dynamic range and white balance.
  • Add in zooming and panning movements in stills.

Hence, with Filmora9 by Wondershare, it is possible to add on different effects to your video in an easy manner. You can make use of different effects including music and photo, use transition styles as well as find creative, Hollywood effects to make your video or film unique.

How to Add Photos to Videos Effortless?

Here is a step by step guide to add photos effortlessly. Even if you are new to editing videos Filmora is one of the many video editing tools that have easy to use features. To add photos to video using Filmora9 make use of the instructions below:

  • Import Video and Photo Files

Once the software is downloaded on your Windows or Mac you are ready to start. Open the editor software and click on New Project. After that click on Import which will give you the option to import media files from your computer, consisting of both photo and video files. Upon double-clicking on files you select they get imported onto the program. It is also possible to drag-drop media files onto the program interface.

  • Add Photo to Video

Once you import files onto the program interface drag the video clip to the editor timeline. This lies at the bottom of the program screen. Drag and drop a photo onto the track. Click on the ‘Play’ icon which lets you preview videos. Move the photo to the point where you wish it to show on the video timeline. You can drag the end to extend or shorten the duration of time till when the photo would be displayed. 

  • Edit Photo and Add Effects

Once you have positioned the photo as per the position on the video timeline, you can edit it in different ways. For instance, you can resize the same by dragging the edges. There are several customizable options in Filmora. Simply double click on the photo added and you will find options such as motion effects, change photo color saturation, correct colors of the photo in terms of its hues, or add transformation effects.

The effects button opens to reveal extra mask options. Go to the option called Utility and here you can find Filters. The image Mask tab allows you to reshape the photo or create a new shape using the invert mask feature. You can choose any of these effects to add to the video and make it more unique. 

  • Combine Photo and Video

The above process can help you add several photos to a single video. You can add on titles and animated texts as well along with transition effects, filters, and overlays. It is also possible to add on narration, voice-over, sound effects, and music from the inbuilt audio library included in the software.

Once all changes are done, simply export the new integrated file. The ‘Export’ button will offer you ways to save the file in different formats. You can accordingly play the creation on devices such as iPad, iPhone, choose to upload the video on channels like YouTube, or burn and save the file on DVD discs.

Tips to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Full-featured video editing software such as Filmora9 allows videographers, professionals or beginners, to add on different effects and transform their shots. Here are some useful tips on making your videos stand out:

  • Overlay Effects

The cinema 21:9 overlay feature helps users recreate aspect ratio as used in films. It helps add a cinematic look to videos. The overlay is simply adding two bars in black on top and bottom of the frame. You can choose from different frame categories as well.

  • Subtitles

If conversations in videos are not easy to follow, adding subtitles is also an option. It would also make your videos look cinematic. Adding subtitles also makes such videos accessible to people who do not follow the original language. There are different subtitles styles to try out as well.

  • 3D Luts

It can help you replicate a certain movie’s visual style in your film. There are presets such as Batman, Gravity, or Star Wars that can help add the look of such movies onto your video clips.

  • Slow Motion Effects

This is also a useful feature that can add a cinematic look to videos. You can simply right-click on the ‘Video Clips’ and select the option to edit the speed, duration in the ‘Custom Speed’ window that opens.

Other useful features include tilt-shift effects, adding music and sound effects, all of which help add a cinematic style to your video clips. 


The above tips are easy to follow, even if one is new to using Filmora9 as a video editing tool. The steps to follow for editing are intuitive and easy to comprehend, even without a tutorial or a guide. As a result, whether it is adding photos to video or other effects, these are easily achieved using such editing software.

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