4 Actions to Take When Online Income is on the Decline

When you run a blog or another online business, you may have noticed that online income is on the decline due to general uncertainty. Any decline is not unusual in itself, but it’s expected that it’ll take a few months to see improvements if things stay the way they are. However, that’s really the point for site owners. If you do nothing different, the decline will possibly become more pronounced, so the time to act is now. 

Here are 4 actions to take when seeing a decline in an online income. 

  • Don’t Panic!

While the numbers may be declining, it won’t take forever before they start to increase again. If your total online income is no longer going to keep you above water but there’s still plenty of it, then you might wish to take out a personal loan to cover any shortfall until things turn around. 

Loans are usually for a few thousand up to tens of thousands of pounds and can be for a 1-6-year duration from many providers. To get an idea of what’s possible and whether you might qualify, look at this site to learn more. Even if you just use it as a strategic resource that you take out and have on standby in your current account, that can steady your nerves enough to not give up.

  • Ad Income Decline? Increase Content Production

While ad managers like Ezoic have confirmed that the ad rate is on the decline because fewer advertisers are putting up the money right now, it’s not all bad news. 

It may not be possible to increase the earnings per thousands of ad clicks, but if you produce more written content and/or videos, you’re back on the right track. While some people may be cutting back, pushing forward is better. It ensures you’ll have more articles and other content to attract visitors through the search engines to make up for some of the declines. In turn, this can increase ad clicks and possibly affiliate sales too. 

  • Upgrade Ad Platforms/Managers

When you’re only publishing on Google AdSense, there is money left on the table. 

For some ad management platforms, when you have greater than 10,000 monthly sessions (or 25,000 in another case), it’s possible to apply to join organisations like Ezoic or Mediavine. They do have requirements to satisfy (Mediavine is the one that requires 25,000 monthly sessions) but their ad rates are consistently higher than with AdSense alone. 

These companies using natural language and AI to decide what adverts to show on your blog and where to place them. By a process of experimentation, they eventually determine what works best. The result is ad income that’s commonly several times what is earned on AdSense alone. 

  • Work on Conversion Rates

Affiliate commissions vary depending on the season and for other reasons. Many web publishers fail to consider conversion rate optimisation (CRO) in their planning.

CRO is based around changing how affiliate content is presented, including “Buy Now” buttons and other promotional elements to increase the likelihood that a visitor will make a purchase. It’s possible to make significant strides in the commissions earned by changing a site, one page at a time, to get more clicks to Amazon and other online retailers. 

Bear in mind that online publishing is always highly variable. Don’t let the current uncertainty deter you from making the right moves for your site’s future. 

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