What You Need To Know Before Getting Into Online Trading?

When people think of trading, they often think of the story of Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street). The Truth is that investors like Jordan Belfort or Warren Buffet don’t become wealthy overnight. Becoming a successful trader takes dedication, hard work, and a lot of experience. Before you embark on your trading journey, there … Read more →

Best laptop for stock trading: Buyers guide

Stock trading has become popular worldwide. There are numerous benefits of investing in the stock market. However, before you make any investment, you need to keep an eye on the latest market trends to stay up to date with prices up and down. Due to the latest technological advancements, it has become easy to stay … Read more →

How Trading Software Algorithms are Impacting Stock Market?

Algorithmic trading, also known as black-box trading, algo trading, automated trading etc generally refers to the trading method that depends on a computer program with a defined instruction set. In a theoretical approach, it is proven that these algorithmic trading methods can generate unbelievable profits for you at a speed that is next to impossible … Read more →

How to Create an Incredible 6+ Monitor Setup for Trading Computers

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, being a successful trader requires the right tools. One of the essential components of every trading workstation is the multi-monitor setup. Perhaps, you’ve seen the typical sight of trading computers with two rows of displays. Since they are instrumental to keeping track of various charts and indicators, you … Read more →

How to Secure Trading with Bitcoin

Here we share our tips for safe handling of bitcoins. 1) Choose a credible trader Read about the trader before you deposit your money – you do not want your money with a trader like GBL exchange and Bitcoin signals.  See our list of traders that we consider to be safe. 2) Enable 2-step authentication … Read more →

The importance of a trading plan in forex trading for 2020

When you are approaching a field like Forex trading, one fluctuation in your decision making can lead to success and failure. Hence, having an outline plan can really help you to create a distinctive gap between success and failure. No matter what field you are in, having a better groundwork plan can really help you … Read more →

Managing your risk when trading forex

The ideal world for a trader is when they sail through the markets, making winning trades regularly without even the consideration of a loss or downturn. The truth, as you might expect, is a lot different. Even the very best of traders will experience losing trades, however, the defining factor that makes them long-term profitable … Read more →

How to Use Robots and Technical Indicators for Forex Trading

The use of application programs (scripts) – trading robots (Expert Advisors) and technical indicators (Custom Indicators) – to automate trading on the international currency market Forex is not only a modern solution, but also a useful addition to the functionality of the trading terminal, and sometimes even a necessity when playing with currencies both professionals … Read more →

Learn How to Day Trade Cryptocurrency Using Achievable Goals

If you set realistic goals for yourself when trading crypto, you can learn the process easier. Here is how to day trade cryptocurrency using goals. Have you ever wondered how to day trade cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency has recently exploded in popularity, encouraging many people to start day trading it. Because the value of it is so … Read more →

Best Binary Options Trading Apps for iPhone

Sometimes professional traders have to take snap decisions and act quickly. That’s why sometimes it’s more convenient to make deals directly from smartphone. Therefore, today we will take a look at the best binary options apps for iPhone.  An iPhone or a computer? Mobile tools are good because they allow you to trade from almost … Read more →

AI Trading Systems Will Impact Wall Street: Here’s How

By repeatedly depicting intelligent bots taking over the world, decades of sci-fi films have equated artificial intelligence or AI with death and destruction. Au contraire, the AI revolution currently taking place in the real world features no such coups. AI is slowly making its presence felt by permeating into all kinds of decision-making processes that … Read more →

Reasons for Making a Trading Checklist

Online trading has gained popularity over time. There are many platforms that support forex trading. Different cryptocurrencies are traded within those sites. Hence it is vital to make a great exchange and earn profits. Sometimes you keep on losing and wonder where you are going wrong. Well, in the world of trading, you need to … Read more →

Benefits of Online Brokers for Futures Trading

Futures trading is a simple and complex concept, the one that comes to life when a buyer and a seller make an agreement to exchange an asset at a specified date and price. The reason why this is so important is due to the fact that it gives both the seller and the buyer a … Read more →

Top 5 Laptops For Stock Traders

Succeeding in the stock trading business requires you to be equipped in all ways. One of the best ways to stay ahead in the game is by using great tools for your daily trade. In the stock trading world, there is no better tool for trading than a good machine. The right laptops for stock … Read more →