How to Create an Incredible 6+ Monitor Setup for Trading Computers

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, being a successful trader requires the right tools. One of the essential components of every trading workstation is the multi-monitor setup. Perhaps, you’ve seen the typical sight of trading computers with two rows of displays. Since they are instrumental to keeping track of various charts and indicators, you … Read more →

Beginners Guide to Buying a Portable Monitor

Portable monitors allow you to perform task easily. Having the options of multitasking and leverage to carry makes it simpler to use. Tech market offers a variety of portable monitors having different specifications and mode of usability.  In order to search for the right screen that can accommodate you with user-friendly experience; fine display and … Read more →

Free Brand Monitoring Tools to Help You Gain Online Success

More and more people take advantage of brand monitoring to better implement their online strategies and techniques that will help them to attain better business success. Users realize that such tools – whether free or paid – are so powerful and effective that they have become a must-use tool that can help their online business … Read more →

What Level of Measure Should Parents Put into Online Security?

There have been many questions about how importantly parents should take the security of their kids’ when they are on the internet. Many have debated that monitoring your kids and having to suggest to them what to do online is completely unrealistic, but we cannot disregard the fact that un-guarded use of the internet also … Read more →

7 Tips for Updating Your Office’s Computer Hardware

Part of staying successful in a very competitive business environment is making sure you are up to date in terms of technology. To maintain this competitiveness, one thing that most businesses will undertake at some point is performing upgrades to the hardware of office computers. Here are seven tips you should consider when you perform … Read more →

Thunderfly Bug Exploring The Inside Of My LCD Monitor

While watching the Fun Friday & Income Report Breakdown by Deneil Merritt, I noticed a thunderfly (thrips) bug starting to wander around on the inside of my Samsung LCD monitor. I don’t know what it did, maybe it was trying to rate Deneil’s video or looking for the “Digg!”-button. Or maybe it was trying to … Read more →