How to Create an Incredible 6+ Monitor Setup for Trading Computers

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, being a successful trader requires the right tools. One of the essential components of every trading workstation is the multi-monitor setup. Perhaps, you’ve seen the typical sight of trading computers with two rows of displays.

Since they are instrumental to keeping track of various charts and indicators, you can’t expect much without the right equipment. Therefore, setting up a multi-monitor home trading office may undoubtedly enhance your performance. Follow the brief overview on how to create an incredible six-plus monitor setup for trading computers.

What Kind of Equipment Is Necessary for Multi-Monitor Trading Computers?

Usually, no talent can make for the lack of the right tools. Therefore, your primary objective is to buy the right equipment. Of course, the number of monitors you plan to use depends on your trading style and preferences.

Ultimately, you’d want to have at least four or six screens to keep track of various indicators. Moreover, you’ll be able to multi-task freely. After all, the more the displays, the better the performance.

Pick the Right Monitor Stands

Generally, there are plenty of monitor stand brands and retailers. You can get picky about your choice. All in all, your best shot would be to buy VESA-compatible racks. Their main advantage is that they come with standard holes drilled into the stand frame that allows for secure screwing.

Your next step would be to decide what configuration would work best for you. Typically, commercial stands can readily support two or three monitors. However, it might not be enough, especially if you’re a multitasking veteran trader. Luckily, Trading Computers offer an outstanding variety of choices for the trader of all stripes. You can either buy a two, three, four, six, or eight-monitor matrix with a configuration of your choice.

Make the Best out of Your Choice

Whatever stands you purchase, make sure they come with enough extras. In other words, you should pick the matrix that offers the best flexibility for its price. After all, a monitor mount’s primary goal is to provide convenience. Furthermore, you may need to tilt or adjust the height of your screens. Therefore, don’t overlook the features as they may add comfort to your trading experience.

Mounting Methods – Free-Standing or Desk Mount?

As you may know by now, monitor racks come in a wide array of types, brands, and designs. Typically, every model has its advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, you should choose the one that will best suit your needs and preferences. In general, there are two types of mounting – free-standing and desk mount. The former opts for mounting the matrix on the wall while the latter uses the desk counter directly.

Most home trading computers work best with free-standing mounts as they can house as many monitors as needed. On the other hand, this method saves up a lot of valuable space.

Still, you can get a desk mount stand if you don’t want to drill holes in the wall. Moreover, you may work from a temporary office. Of course,  you’ll have less stability and desk space. Nevertheless, both methods are decent enough for a multi-monitor setup.

How to Choose Monitors for Trading Computers

When choosing the right monitors for your trader workstation, you’d have to look for several features. The most crucial ones are the screen size, the resolution, and the refresh rate. Whether you opt for TN, VA, or IPS monitor panel, your main objective is to achieve a balanced display configuration.

Screen Size is Essential

Firstly, you’d want to make the most of your trading machine with big screens. Moreover, a large display would mean more usable space for your charts. Typically, trading workstations use standard 24-inch size monitors.

However, some experienced traders may opt for 27-inch or even 32-inch displays. Generally, our best recommendation is to go for a 24-inch or 27-inch screen size. They can give the best value for the number of pixels.

Consider the Resolution

As already mentioned, you should also pay attention to the screen resolution. Arguably, you’d need a decent resolution spec to be able to look at all these tiny chart numbers and symbols.

Most of the time, a traditional Full HD 1920×1080 resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio is enough to provide a smooth workflow and outstanding color fidelity.

Don’t Forget the Refresh Rate

Lastly, the refresh rate also plays a significant role in every multi-monitor setup. Day trading may require plenty of multitasking. Therefore, it may be a smart idea to look for displays with at least 60 Hz in refresh rate.

Of course, you’d want to ensure you see the bargain as soon as possible. Slow loading speeds are a huge no-no so that you can rely on the high-end monitors from Trading Computers.

Get Creative with The High-End Trading Gear at Trading Computers

Finally, stepping into the world of trading can seem quite overwhelming at first. After you learn the ropes of setting up your trade workshop, your next step is buying your equipment.

Perhaps, you may not have the cash to buy the most expensive stuff. Don’t worry, because there’s always a more budget-friendly option. Trading Computers is the best place to get you started on the journey to creating an incredible six-plus monitor setup.

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