What Level of Measure Should Parents Put into Online Security?

There have been many questions about how importantly parents should take the security of their kids’ when they are on the internet. Many have debated that monitoring your kids and having to suggest to them what to do online is completely unrealistic, but we cannot disregard the fact that un-guarded use of the internet also contributes to the delinquency of children.

If you always take time to make sure you know each website your kids visited and every person they interacted with on the internet, then I must praise your efforts. If the world is full of parents who care about what their kids do online, the rate at which children are being endangered on the internet will drastically decline.

Let’s go ahead and discuss measures that parents can take to have peace of mind when their kids are on the internet.

Install Internet Monitoring Software

One good way parents can shield their children against the harm that has infested the internet is by having a good monitoring software on the computer they use to browse the internet. Good programs like Webwatcher, Verisign and Norton have earned their name the hard way, by creating good parenting software that are reputable and reliable.

Webwatcher has a discount on my blog, and here are some advantages you gain from it.

  • Have the websites your kids visit tracked and recorded for your assessment at the end of the day.
  • Blocks harmful and hateful websites, porn and malicious websites from loading on your kids’ computers.
  • Filter slangs and curse words by replacing them with #$%@ wherever they appear on a website, and many more.

How do you get such great and full-option software without having to spend all you have for it is what many parents might be concerned with? But the good news is that I have hand-picked coupon codes that can help you save your money while you still get what you want.

Prevent Kids from Being Alone at the Computer

When kids are alone at the computer with the internet installed on it, it’s easier for them to encounter threats than when they are being monitored. If you are not the type of parent that stays with their kids when they browse the internet, you can curb what they do and who they interact with online by creating a time table which they must strictly adhere to.

Your kids should know when they are allowed to be on the internet, and it should correspond to the time you’d be available to put them through. You might not have the time to spend monitoring your children when they browse the internet, but you can use the little time you have to educate your children about how to use the internet.

Block Certain Websites

Another way to protect your children from online threats is by blocking certain websites from loading on their computer. Many websites can lead children to interacting with strangers and predators online and even mislead them to sharing personal details with complete strangers.

Due to how long their children spend on certain websites coupled with the risks of them interacting with complete strangers on such websites, many parents are concerned about what activities their children perform on the internet. If you however happen to be a parent in this condition the best solution for you would be to block those websites from loading on your children’s computer.

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9 thoughts on “What Level of Measure Should Parents Put into Online Security?”

  1. As a parent, I feel it’s really important to monitor any child’s Internet usage. I don’t necessarily want to spy on them, but at the same time I make sure that out omputers are in a public area of the house so I can be present when they have Internet access. Also, it’s important to talk to your children about Internet tsafety and strangers on the web.

    • Wow, this has got to be the one of the fastest comments to a new blog post ever, on this website – less than 5 minutes after publishing – good job 🙂

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  3. Well let me be honest from experience – I know of very few parents who take full advantage of all the online security features available to them. Not going in to advanced ways, however I know of parents who have no idea they can add parental control on web browser et cetera. I feel parents should keep an eye on younger children because the internet is an open door, where they can stumble upon practically anything.

  4. And remember to always limit the time of your children on the computer. Even social networking sites is not good now a days. Only let them use the PC if you’re around.

  5. It is absolutely parents responsibility to protect children when it comes to online. They should spend some time every day when they kid sits with the computer. and parents should learn about parental controls as said..

    Nice write up you gave.. cheers.


  6. Thanks for sharing this informative article. Yes you rit in this present scenario children often surf some adult website, chating, emailng. these types of activity is very heavily effect on their career. so many regard from me.

  7. “Prevent Kids from Being Alone at the Computer” – this is the hardest part I think. My kids just go and turn the computer on, log in and start surfing. Maybe I should change the password… I have recently realized that some innocent searches can give porn pictures as result, and this is very scary indeed. Very good post, I enjoyed it a lot!

  8. In this modern culture, the Internet is good for informative information but also as bad for learning bad things specially for children so that every parent should have to keep attention on their children by installing Internet monitoring software because it blocks certain website that are harmful for your children whether that site is porn or malicious websites.


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