Would you set up your business in Paris?

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If you currently have a business, or you’re thinking about creating one, I wanna bet you didn’t consider setting up in the Paris region, unless of course you’re already located there. Well, that’s something the Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA) would like to do something about, as they have just launched their new bilingual Paris Region Channel on YouTube, focusing primarily on economic affairs related to the Paris region.

Think of PREDA kinda like a travel agency, but for businesses. PREDA is here to help you set up your business in the Paris region, or convince you to do so, if you’re not already in the process. In 2010, 243 projects (business creations, extensions and acquisitions) were admitted in the Paris region, which will ultimately generate over 8,4000 jobs in the region. The Paris region receives more than 30% of the foreign companies that gets established in French, every year.

And why is that? Paris has a lot to offer, like a vast market, outstanding R&D environment, a concentration of head offices and decision-making centres and lots more – plus you’ll be very close to one of the biggest airports in Europe, for when you’re heading out to meetings, or the meetings are coming to you!

Back to PREDA’s Web TV channel on YouTube. On the channel, you will find interviews and success stories of innovation, among others. I think this is a great idea in an attempt to increase growth in the area by attracting more companies and people there. Especially in this age where money is no longer growing on the trees, so to speak, you have to find ways to make yourself heard – and seen – and successfully attract companies which can help create jobs. While it’s always a big task to create a business, or move a business elsewhere, PREDA is here to help. That’s the whole point!

Learn more about Paris Region Economic Development Agency on their website www.paris-region.com and you can also follow them on Twitter at @ParisRegion.

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