Is It Still Possible to Make Money Through BitCoin in 2019?

Have you ever wondered why so many people are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, and have you ever asked yourself if it’s possible to actually make money from it? Bitcoin’s value can be converted into cash, so it’s a viable asset. Aside from that, however, there are numerous other ways to profit. If you’re still … Read more →

3 Hidden Costs in International Money Transfer

While the evolution of e-banking has given us an opportunity to send and receive money across the world quickly and safely; hidden fees and charges still plague almost all online payments methods. However, a more critical concern is that of transparency. A recent study of UK’s top 6 banks showed that up to 96% of … Read more →

7 Traits of Debt-Free Personalities

Sometimes, people who become debt-free choose that enough is enough. Their ancient way of living wasn’t going well, and they’re prepared to make some thoughtful changes. It’s similar they have a personality change, but that’s not what actually happens. All they are doing is reprogramming parts of their personality that have already been present in … Read more →

5 Tips for marketing your small Business Website

In the ever -evolving and highly competing online world, having a well-designed website is not enough. You need to market and promote your website effectively to spread the word about your business services and other offerings. Here are some proven tips that can help you successfully market your business online. 1. Blogging Blogging is a … Read more →

3 Things that Small Businesses Waste Massive Amounts of Money On

While “getting more for less” is a best practice for all businesses, firms in the small business world need to treat this like a fundamental requirement: because paying too much and getting too little doesn’t just mean angry shareholders or unplanned asset sell-offs. Eventually, it leads to shutting down entirely. Yet despite this fact, many … Read more →

How Expense Report Automation Alleviates the Burden of Finance Department

When it comes to expense reports, it is the business traveler who will clutter with several receipts. In contrast, snapping an image from a mobile phone and then writing an expense report within a few clicks can determine how expense management software streamlines the lives of business travelers. Automating the expense report process and allowing … Read more →

Three Ways VoIP Can Save Your Money

Every business owner, no matter how big or small his business is, is always looking for ways to become successful without spending too much money. As such, they are willing to embrace any kind of technology or service that will help them save money. VOIP is one such technology that can help you save money … Read more →

Highest Paying Jobs in the Financial Sector

Career in financial sector is indeed a smart choice, especially if you want a career that is quite nonconventional. Though nonconventional, this sector has huge employment in offering for coming years. Nevertheless, judging the importance of the sector, most of the employers are ready to offer excellent compensations to the employees. Along with handsome salary … Read more →

How much is the UK saving for retirement: fintech company reveals all

Fintech company, True Potential, highlights in their infographic below, that we add an average of £325 to our private pension pots each month — but which UK locations are best at saving? True Potential is so-called robo adviser, providing DIY investment portfolios. The company has developed an app that lets you effectively manage your investments … Read more →