Apple launches 2 iPhone 5 TV ads for Thanksgiving

Two new iPhone 5 TV ads were just released by Apple, for this year’s Thanksgiving.

The first one is called “Turkey” and shows iPhone 5 snapping photos of a family eating Thanksgiving dinner and then sharing the photos on PhotoStream. Mmmm….pie!

The second one is called Orchestra and shows how the microphone on the back of iPhone 5 (between the camera lens and the flash) picks up background noise in order to filter it out so the person you’re talking with gets more sound from your voice and less background noise. Very nice.



5 thoughts on “Apple launches 2 iPhone 5 TV ads for Thanksgiving”

  1. I always have loved Apple commercials. Even with Samsung constantly bashing them in their Galaxy SII/III commercials, Apple holds tight without any type of payback.

  2. Unfortunately, IPhone is not the leader in the cell phone race. I have been a Iphone user for quite a while and owned 3G and 3GS set. I have seen so many features that over priced Iphone did not support, for example bluetooth. It has it as a feature but cannot be used, not for sharing contacts, music or videos. When 3G came out in the States I paid 200 dollars for it and the sad thing was i had to jailbreak it so i can send MMS messages, when most of my friends had 20-30 dollars handset and used all the features. Now i am proudly using Samsung Galaxy S3 – The IPhone Killer as most of cell phone freaks will call it. It is amazing phone with way more feature and apps all for FREE. No need to jailbreak for features that are mentioned, but unusable, no more slow process, and crappy picture. Thank you SAMSUNG for having this wonderful cell out on the market for us. I have paid half the price of IPhone 5 and it has twice the features of IPhone.

  3. Apple products have always differentiated trough creativity and innovation, so I’ve had huge hopes regarding their advertising campaign. Fortunately, they’ve never let me down.

  4. Iphone 5 is great undermining the fact that it isn’t leading as a result of great competition from both Samsung Galaxy SIII and Nokia Lumia 920. I like their innovation. Most company that competes with them (Apple) just copy their techniques and use it against them but not withstanding Apple are still great. And from what you’ve said its clear Iphone 5 have lots of breathtaking features.

    This article is outstanding to me cos “Orchestra” is my Nickname. Cheers!

  5. Apple commercials are always fun. Creative and innovative. I am not a Apple fan though. Samsung is better in my views.


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