Top 5 Online Games Based from Hit TV Shows

It is often said that we humans are social beings.  This is in fact true, but it can also be said that we are also fond of entertainment.  One of the best entertainment equipment ever made is perhaps the television, with shows covering a multitude of genre to cater to our preferences.  Some of the best episodes on TV have made us cry, laugh, inquisitive, exhilarated, and dismayed.  Science fiction, comedy, and animation are always all-time favorites because they are amusing and entertaining.  These days, however, reality TV and game shows are becoming the top favorite shows to watch by the masses.

Thanks to technological advancements, our source of entertainment is no longer limited to our television as this has now expanded to our computers and the Internet.  Through online entertainment, we can now even play some of our favorite TV game shows such as Deal or No Deal at Ladbrokes or partake in a science fiction slot game aboard the Enterprise.  The truth is, many of our favorite TV shows are also making a huge impact in the online gaming industry.  Listed below are 5 TV hit shows that have been ported in online gaming at Ladbrokes:

1.  Star Trek (Slots) – this science fiction series was conceptualized by Gene Rodenberry and was first shown in 1966.  The series sparked a new generation of scientists where space exploration is at the helm of their study.  The success of the series resulted in multiple spin-offs from the series itself.  The latest film, the prequel, predates the adventure of the original series.  This is also the main theme of this slot game as it features a young Spock and a young Capt. James T. Kirk who are just starting their journey aboard the enterprise after just finishing from the academy.  The game comes with a multitude of free spins bonuses coming from Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Scotty.  When the bonus is triggered, you will be rewarded with cut scene from the film after which you will be brought to the transporter room to get your bonus spins.

2.  Deal or No Deal (Similar to the original game) – this game show series originated in the Netherlands and it quickly became a hit in more than half of the world.  The game show is not just known for its unique game rules, suspense game play, but it is also known for its highly attractive suitcase-carrying ladies.  The online game at Ladbrokes is actually quite similar to the game show itself, minus the host and the pretty girls.

Prior to the start of the Deal or No Deal, you are asked how much you want to stake.  The biggest prize in the game is 10x that of what you are staking.  Similar to the series, you are then asked to pick a number from 1 to 26.  The box you choose will have a hidden amount with which the banker will want to buy.  You are then instructed to open several boxes with which the amount inside each boxes gets cancelled out.  Once you have opened the predetermined number of boxes, like the series, the banker at the phone will offer you an amount.  If you say “Deal,” the game ends, if it’s a “No Deal,” the game continues and you open a number of boxes again until you are left with the initial box that you chose.  If you play the game to the end without making a deal, then the amount inside the box you chose will be your prize money.  Possibly the most fun thing about this game is that it follows the rules of the series where you become elated if you win or make the right move, or disheartened when you lose due to bad luck or greed.

3.  The X-Factor Jackpot (Slots) – this singing competition show was created by Simon Cowell and the series first made its debut back in 2004.  The aim of the show is to showcase aspiring singers where they compete for the top prize which is often a recording contract.  The online game for this series is a slot game which features a “Live Show Bonus Round” and a “Microphone Pick Me Bonus.”   In the Microphone Pick Me Bonus, you are given three microphones to choose with each having a specific value.  In the live show bonus round, to win big money, you will need to reveal three or more ‘yes’ votes to progress in the bonus round weeks, with each ‘yes’ having its own set of prices.

4.  Dungeons & Dragons: Crystal Caverns (Slots) – the Dungeons & Dragons animated TV series was inspired by the D&D role-playing game and was first ran in 1983.  This slot game was also inspired by the same role-playing game as it features trolls, ogres, and skeletons.  The slot game features a unique tumbling reel where winning symbols disappear with the other blocks atop filling the now void space below for another possible combination.

5.  Who Wants to be a Millionaire Jackpot Quiz? (Similar to the original game) – this game show originated in the United Kingdom and is internationally popular.  The game show is basically a quiz show wherein if you answer each succeeding questions correctly, your pot money also gets raised.

The online game is also very similar in format wherein you need to answer each question correctly in order to go to the next prize level.  Should you not know the answer, you are given lifelines such as ask the audience, phone a friend, 50:50, and change questions.  However, the first three lifeline are only attained if you manage to place all four answers correctly in the ‘fastest finger first round,’ while the ‘change question’ can only be received once you pass a certain point in the money tree.  In the game, you only get to be asked whether you want to collect your winnings or continue the game is after you’ve reached the 5th question or thousandth marker. The game has guaranteed earning levels in the money tree, so should you fail to answer a question correctly, you will still be able to take home that guaranteed amount, provided you have passed these levels.

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  1. Tv series is an absolute entertainment we need, but it should be within reasonable limits,,Deal or no deal .. is one of my favorite events

  2. The Deal or No Deal games are fun to play. I haven’t played in awhile though, because the last time I played I actually picked the million dollar case, and won. It was down to the last two cases and I kept my original pick and it was the million. I went out on top, I guess.

  3. Oh, there are so many beautiful things on the internet to discover! 🙂
    I have Deal or no Deal as board game and will try out the online play certainly.


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