How to Pick the Best Antenna for Your TV

You already have a monthly subscription. Unfortunately, you’re still missing out on popular live sports, prime-time shows and your favourite local news.

What if you can enjoy free TV by simply choosing the best antenna?

Contrary to what others believe, modern TV antennas are not relics of ancient technology. With a quality digital TV antenna at home, you can benefit from free high definition channels without spending cash.

If you’re interested in evading costly monthly subscription, pick the best antenna by following these tips.

1. Determine what over-the-air channels are accessible in your location

During the TV antenna installation process, ask your antenna specialist what channels are on broadcast in your area. Chances are, it’ll include associates of major networks. The channels you get actually depends on the following:

  • Proximity from the broadcast towers
  • Height of antenna
  • Type of residence

If you’re located in a metro area, you can probably pick up more channels than one who lives in a rural area. So if you live somewhere rural, consider getting a stronger outdoor antenna than a low profile indoor antenna for your TV.

Here are other things you also need to consider:

  • Do you have any constraints at home for when mounting an antenna outside?
  • Are there tall building or trees in your area that may obstruct the signal of your antenna?
  • Is it possible to mount your indoor antenna on an exterior wall facing your home?

For a reliable reception, there should be no hindrances like tall buildings and trees between your home and transmitter towers. Have regular garden maintenance (hedging and pruning) tasks done to cut down large trees that interfere with your TV antenna reception.

2. Find out whether you need a directional or an omnidirectional antenna

Whichever channels you get, decide on whether you need a directional or omnidirectional antenna. Ask your antenna specialist from which direction your TV transmissions originate.

  • Directional Antenna
    If most channels originate from one direction, a directional antenna would be best. A directional antenna can strongly pull signal in from far out, but they’re quite tricky to install.
  • Omnidirectional Antenna
    If signals come from all over the place, an omnidirectional antenna will be a great choice. The great thing about this antenna is that it’s easier to install as well as position within your property since it pulls signal from every direction.

3. Pick between an outdoor or indoor antenna

Narrow down your options further by choosing between an indoor or outdoor antenna. If your location is near the transmitter towers, at around 30 miles, an indoor antenna can do the job best. Just remember that the reception of an indoor antenna varies significantly depending on where you install it.

If you’re having trouble getting channels, place your antenna on an elevated position, towards a window or outward facing a wall. It will take a few adjustments to get the best indoor antenna reception. Or, if you live far away from broadcast towers, consider getting a good outdoor antenna.

4. Figure out if you still need an amplifier

TV antennas that have amplifiers are usually sold at a higher price. Amplifiers boost that weak signal your antenna receives into something crisp and clear. Unfortunately, amplifiers won’t be able to do anything with your signal’s reliability.

If your reception is blotchy in the beginning, the amplifier won’t be able to prevent channel failures. But if you’re only having difficulty in receiving channels because you live far away, an amplifier will suffice.


Antennas work best depending on your proximity to the broadcast towers. Check your area and your distance from the transmission towers first to get the best TV antenna that suits your needs.

Once your antenna is up and running, you’ll get high definition entertainment. Plus, you don’t have to pay for expensive subscriptions. So gather the family around, or set your home up for a relaxing solo viewing night, and get ready to enjoy the entertainment coming straight to your home via your television.

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