Switzerland IT Sector Trends

Among the features of the Swiss economy, it is necessary to note the following three factors. Firstly, it is a large number of large multinational companies that mainly work in foreign markets, and the basis in Switzerland gives them advantages in access to an educated workforce, the stability of the political environment and the reliability of the legal environment. Secondly, it is a number of dynamic and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises that give jobs to Swiss developers. Thirdly, it is the use of the state’s protectionist policies, mainly at the cantonal level, to protect the non-competitive sectors of the economy. Summarizing these three factors, it is possible to say that today in Switzerland almost ideal conditions for the development of IT business have been created. One of the first questions facing an entrepreneur who wants to develop a start-up in this country is whether it’s worthwhile to hire developers in Switzerland or to assemble a remote team from representatives of other states? In this article, we will consider the basic facts about the Swiss IT sector, Switzerland dedicated team and its alternatives.

What Determines Switzerland IT Sector

Let’s look at the main factors that currently form the Swiss IT industry. According to Switzerland Global Enterprise, these are the following trends.

  • Today, Switzerland has created an original IT cluster, which is territorially located in the area in the Zurich area. Here, on the basis of the Technical Institute, the traditional leaders of the world information technologies have their branch offices.
  • Bern and Lausanne today are also centers of IT technology. In many respects, for international corporations, the reason for the opening of its subsidiaries here was the proximity of Swiss universities, on the basis of which it is possible to conduct new developments. So if you are thinking about how to hire developers in Bern or find developers in Lausanne, this will not a problem as well.
  • In the information technology sector, today more than 160,000 jobs have been created for developers in Geneva and other cities that contribute to the creation of high added value. This is a very large figure for Switzerland. It is 4% of the total number of residents in the real sector of the economy.
  • High level of training of specialists. This is a complex factor. Swiss universities provide very strong technical training, moreover, a variety of grants and research scholarships for the best students are provided. At the moment, higher education institutions specifically adapt their educational program to the current trends in IT in order to give their graduates a chance to become, for example, members of development team Basel.
  • The development of business networking in this country will allow the company to hire developers in Zürich with ease, for example. A large number of innovative programs for companies are launched in Switzerland, which allows organizations to share their experience in the technological field.

One More Trend

And nevertheless, despite all the efforts and investments, the country continues to feel a shortage of highly qualified specialists. Experts make predictions that by 2022 the sector will need an additional 14,000 specialists. In addition, the level of wages in the country is one of the highest in the world, and in the case of, for example, Bern web developer, this amount can reach absolutely sky-high heights. For this reason, a number of companies are turning to outsourcing services. As an alternative to Asian countries, Swiss companies choose Eastern Europe, delegating development processes to professionals from Poland and Ukraine, according to Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

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