Under the Magnifying Glass: 4 Common Myths About Marketing Automation

To succeed as a business owner, you’ll have to keep up with technology and adapt to changing times. However, not all tech innovations are worth the effort, money, and time required for implementation. In marketing automation, technologies and software platforms are used to streamline a company’s marketing efforts across channels such as the web, social … Read more →

Myths Regarding A Career In UX Design

UX design has been a hot topic not just inside the tech world but even outside. But, due to some buzzwords, legend belies reality. You might have heard your colleagues commenting about UX designs, but there is still quite some ignorance around this term actually. There are some myths revolving around careers in UX design, … Read more →

The Top 10 Myths about Cable TV

Myth 1: Cable TV Subscriptions are on the Decline The headlines in the news or even the Internet for that matter, are constantly spreading this frequent myth that you will witness: a declining use of Cable TV! You’ll listen to these rants now and again by the promoters of streaming gadgets like mobiles, tablets, etc. … Read more →

5 Myths about Buying Term Papers

Sometimes when you are a full-time student and trying to juggle a part-time job and social life, you will find that you have little time left to dedicate to doing your best in completing assignments. You may also find that you have limited time to research your paper as much as you would like. This … Read more →

Quelling the Cloud File Transfer Myths

Despite offering secure data transfer, full user controllability and more value for money, it seems that not all IT workers are convinced by cloud file sharing. A recent survey by Ponemon Institute found that IT workers were in fact skeptical of cloud file sharing services and believed that data breaches in the cloud could be … Read more →

6 Blogging Myths that are Not True

Blogging is not a new word now. Everyone is aware about it’s meaning. But due to lack of knowledge, not right guidance and not knowing the right tools most of people end up blogging without earning a single penny. The glittered words brought people in blogging and they jump into it without doing any analysis … Read more →

Top 5 Myths About Steve Jobs

Last week I did a compilation on Top 5 Myths About Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter from HowStuffWorks – today I noticed they also have a similar top 5 myths about Steve Jobs, or His Steveness, as certain fanboys & girls sometimes call him… If you have a bit of interest in this college … Read more →