Top 5 Myths About Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter

I Want To BelieveDon’t you just love myths? Some of them are funny, some of them are hard to believe are not really true and some of them are just…. weird!!

One of the best websites ever, HowStuffWorks, has a whole section dedicated to tech myths. Below are my favorite top 5 tech myths about Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to read more on why those are myths and not actual facts, be sure to visit the respective pages over at HowStuffWorks (I don’t want to copy their stuff and there’s not much point in rewriting it all, since HowStuffWorks did such a great job already!).

Top 5 Myths About Apple

  1. Apple is a Friend of Open Source
  2. Apple Products Aren’t Overpriced.
  3. Macs and Windows Computers are Incompatible
  4. Steve Jobs is Apple. It Can’t Survive Without Him
  5. Apple is Going Out of Business

[Read more at HowStuffWorks: Top 5 Myths About Apple]

Top 5 Myths About Google

  1. Google Wants to Own the Internet
  2. Google Earth is Spying On You
  3. Google Knows Everything About You
  4. Google is Making You Dumber
  5. Google Doesn’t Make Any Money

[Read more at HowStuffWorks: Top 5 Myths About Google]

Top 5 Myths About Microsoft

  1. Bill Gates is Evil
  2. Microsoft isn’t Innovative
  3. Microsoft is a “Natural Monopoly”
  4. Microsoft Doesn’t Care About Security
  5. Microsoft Invented “Windows”

[Read more at HowStuffWorks: Top 5 Myths About Microsoft]

Top 5 Myths About Facebook

  1. Facebook Is Going to Sell Your Pictures
  2. Facebook Destroys Your Social Skills
  3. [Company X] Is Going to Buy Facebook
  4. Facebook’s Founder Stole the Idea for the Site
  5. They’re Going to Start Charging for It

[Read more at HowStuffWorks: Top 5 Myths About Facebook]

Top 5 Myths About Twitter

  1. It’s Only Mundane Details
  2. Twitter Doesn’t Make any Money
  3. There Is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Use Twitter
  4. Only Celebrities Have a Lot of Followers
  5. Twitter Is Only Status Updates

[Read more at HowStuffWorks: Top 5 Myths About Twitter]

23 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths About Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter”

  1. Love the myths! These are the fun kind, too – good cases of people just talking about little tidbits they’ve heard as rumors without being bothered with the facts.

    • I think pretty much all of the myths mentioned above should be read (and understood) by anybody who’s an IT authority, so he/she will be able to inform the people that trusts him/her in his field and come asking him/her for information etc. about it.

      It’s not uncommon that you still hear salespersons in stores telling customers to charge their cellphones 24 hours first time, even though that hasn’t been necessary for many years now.

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  3. Hooooray!!!! I’m on your site. Reason am so excited is that I haven’t been able to read your blog entries fully, or make any comment as latetly when visiting your site. I have been receiving an error and an icon with a red cross, and than a blank page straight after that. 🙁 Anyway I think I have found a way to enter your site, without error occurring. (This has only been within the last couple of days-and it doesn’t happen on any other sites) I just subscribed to your site, and came straight to the comment page via the subscription. (it has worked now) After leaving this comment, I will see if I can enter your site in the usual way and feedback. What do you think it could be?

    It’s amazing the kind of information that is fed about technology. It’s kind of useless in a sense, especially the myths. I suppose like with everything, you got to find myths bouncing around. I guess I prefer the truth, over the myth anyday.

    Great share, and YEY I’m on your site!! 🙂

    • How sweet, thank you for being such passionate about reading my blog, means a lot to me 😀

      Regarding the problems. At around 3:30am CET I received an email from (monitors the uptime) that my site went down and even 7-8 hours later, still hasn’t come back up. Funny thing, I was able to use the WordPress Dashboard just fine, but not see the actual content of my site as the visitor would see it.

      I think I eventually found the right plugin to deactivate, as it started working afterwards. But I’ve had that plugin for weeks and never had problems. But now I’ll keep it off since I don’t need it anymore.

      I’ve also removed a few other plugins no longer needed as I plan on switching to Thesis tomorrow and it has some built-in stuff too.

  4. Hey Klaus,

    That’s a good idea in regards to informing the right people, nonetheless it seems that it isn’t that straight forward.

    You will get people that believe in the ‘myth’ over ‘fact’ so much that it will be imprinted in their system of perception and experience. So, that may not make any difference in hearing the ‘truth’ that is shared with them. All this is very interesting!! 😀 There is definetly a lot of “banter” admist it all, especially in regards to what is fact and what is myth and what is truth and what is lie, and trying to define the very meaning of it all. It is quite funny. 🙂 You got to laugh. heehee.

    Going back to what I said, I feel now that I was referring to fact of one owns experience, as facts can be anything as everyone has different understandings. There is definetly no set way of doing things, although it is easier said than done, when we all become victims of that set way. i.e. charging first time buy cellphones for 24hrs! Even I have done that!

    I am still using the subscribed method (discovered earlier) of getting into the comment section, as when I do it the original way of going straight to your site, I still get the same error of your site not being available.

    Eagerly enjoying who you are, and your experiences. That’s why I like it here. 🙂

    I feel really easy in expressing every pinnacle of though I get (whenever that is) and understandings and experiences through your site.

    Good luck with the move over to Thesis tomorrow! 🙂

    Shall look forward in seeing your imprint in it.
    .-= Ana´s last blog ..Life’s Temple; Open Gateway =-.

    • You are very much correct about it all, specially the “believe in myth over fact”-part. I guess sometimes it grows just as deep into somebody as their belief systems are, so it’s not something easily to be changed 🙂

      If possible, could you please email me a screenshot of the error you are seeing as well as the URL it’s happening on? klaus (at) – thanks!

  5. I like myths too! Although I generally end up looking for the “Bigfoot” variety rather than the computer/website mix. These links made for a good read, thanks!!
    .-= Robert Owen´s last blog ..Email Scam: Taking the Military Tact =-.

    • “Bigfoot” itself is a great, but I wonder if it’s really a myth? It was fun about a year ago when some people claimed to have found bigfoot and the pictures were all over the world 🙂

      Would be kinda cool if bigfoot and Loch Ness really exists… after all those years trying to find them.

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  7. A few of these aren’t that new to me (and others I’m sure) but many of them are! Although it is funny in a sick way (kind of), it’s still funny — the one about Facebook selling our pictures. I really hope they don’t, because I have tons of pictures up there. Who knows where our pictures would land…
    .-= The Gooroo @´s last blog ..Using Testimonials To Increase Sales =-.

    • But it’s a myth, they’re not selling our pictures 🙂 Or so they want us to believe, hehe. One thing is that they say and their rules say, another is what they actually do behind the scenes… but pictures can easily be recognized I guess, so selling them would probably not give them too much of a profit in the end, if they get dragged to court for doing it.

  8. Nice article. I cannot believe “Google Doesn’t Earn Money” is a myth. I always thought everyone knew that Google makes money.
    .-= Agent 001´s last blog ..Virus Total – Online Tool for Total Virus Scan =-.

    • Maybe today most people know it, or many do, but I think not too many years ago it really was the general understanding of the situation at Google.

      And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

    • Haha, sorry about that 🙂 But on the other hand, it’s the inside that counts, somebody once said 🙂

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