Facebook 3.0 for iPhone Released

Facebook 3.0 for iPhoneiPhone users with a Facebook account, launch your App Store and download the latest release of the Facebook app for the iPhone. It has just been released in a 3.0 version.

Facebook app developer, Joe Hewitt, has been working on Facebook 3.0 for quite some time. He submitted it to Apple for review on August 16th and just last night it was approved by Apple and thus released in the iTunes App Store. If you’re still seeing version Facebook 2.5 in the App Store, Joe suggests deleting the app from your iPhone and reinstalling it – it should turn out to be 3.0 then. I had no problems updating directly from the App Store on the iPhone.

This new 3.0 version includes a lot of new features that were missing in previous versions, such as:

  • Better news feed with direct links to comments
  • Ability to “Like” posts
  • RSVP to events
  • Create/upload photos to albums
  • Write/edit notes
  • Customizable home screen
  • Improved photo viewing with zoom
  • Better notifications

Joe Hewitt already has version 3.1 in the works, which is rumored to add Push Notifications. Sweet!

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